4 Things to Consider When Buying Computers for Your Employees


Picking computers for members of a large team can be daunting. Your employees may have very different functions, and they may have to perform a wide variety of tasks. This can greatly complicate things for you. Furthermore, you have to keep your budget under control and think about things you wouldn’t have to think of if you wanted to buy a computer for yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll need to consider when buying computers for your employees.

What Type of Programs Do They Need to Use?

You first have to make an inventory of the tools your employees use at all levels and see what they require. Not all of your employees will need the absolute best machines, but some of them will. The computers you can consider will depend on the nature of your business too.

If you have people working on your systems, for instance, and others working on sales and marketing, these people will need very different types of computers. This is why you should consider getting a custom laptop if your employees’ needs are very varied. If you’re looking for great deals on custom laptops, you can click here.

Mac or Windows?

Another thing you have to consider is the OS. Mac computers are often seen as the best choice for creatives, but any type of business can use them. They do, however, have some compatibility issues and you might have problems with them when it comes to file types and extensions.

Windows PCs are the most versatile and are still regarded as the best option for business. They tend to be much cheaper too and they use mainstream file formats that anyone can use, even people using Macs.

What About Chromebooks?

Chromebooks might be a good idea if your employees have to run simple tasks and most of the programs they need to use can be found for Chrome. Things might become complicated if you need to develop applications for your business, however. Developing for Chrome is very different than for other operating systems, and it might cost you more. You may also have a harder time finding people who can develop for them.

Used, New, Or Refurbished?

If you have a large team and you are worried about your costs, then know that there are plenty of options open for business owners. You could get computers in bulk from another company that is changing locations or liquidating its assets. Or you could look at the manufacturer’s refurbished section.

Refurbished computers could be the best deal for you if you’re strapped for cash. You’ll get a computer that will be almost as good as new for a lower price. The reason why you should get them directly from a manufacturer, however, is because there will not always be a warranty on refurbished models. And if random retailers give you one, it might be difficult to get them to honor it. So, stick to well-known brands and go straight to the source.

These tips will greatly facilitate your search for laptops for your organization. Be smart with your purchase and try to find ways to satisfy all of your employees’ needs without breaking the bank.