Global Interior Design Transformation: Insights from Expert Karen Karapetian


Karen Karapetian, CEO, Principal Architect, and Interior Designer at Alexander Tischler, is making significant strides in elevating interior design on a global scale. As a renowned architect and interior designer, Karapetian’s work is characterized by a contemporary and Brutalist approach, particularly evident in his loft-style designs.

This week, Business Insider Africa had an interview with Mr. Karapetian and engaged in an engaging debate with him, which we are pleased to share with our audience.

Karapetian’s expertise spans a wide range of projects, from compact apartments to larger living spaces. Some notable examples of his work include:

  1. An 80 m² loft-style apartment with two workspaces in Moscow, Russia
  2. A 77 m² white two-bedroom Moscow apartment featuring a home office
  3. A 170 m² apartment in Moscow showcasing wooden textures and green shades
  4. A minimalist apartment with vibrant color accents in Yekaterinburg, Russia

Karapetian’s design philosophy emphasizes attention to detail and custom solutions. In one project, he focused on creating custom-designed built-ins and organizational solutions to maximize space and improve the functionality of a young family. This approach demonstrates his commitment to combining aesthetics with practicality.

The Alexander Tischler company, under Karapetian’s leadership, operates as a full-service interior design firm. Their comprehensive approach involves controlling all stages of renovation, from initial design to final touches like hanging curtains. This holistic method allows for better coordination between designers, engineers, and specialists, ensuring that the final result aligns closely with the original concept.

Karapetian’s work has garnered international recognition. He has received awards such as:

  1. A diploma from the National Best Interior Award for a 38 m² one-bedroom apartment project in Moscow
  2. A gold award at the International Global Future Design Awards for the same project
  3. An honorable mention at the International Built Design Awards for an apartment with a glass home office in Moscow

These accolades highlight Karapetian’s growing influence in the global interior design community. His role as a judge for the SBID International Design Awards further cements his status as a respected figure in the industry.

Karapetian’s approach to interior design combines innovation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, contributing to the evolution of global interior design trends and practices.