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Americans Converting Used School Buses into Tiny Homes During the Pandemic?


It may sound weird, but it is actually true. Some are coming out to confess, while school bus sales agencies are confirming it; this is almost becoming a new norm. To strengthen the news are the vehicle converting companies, who claim to be fully booked, actually, up to way into 2021.

It is not really a surprise to see people convert vehicles into little habitats. The habit has been there for long, driven by various motivations.

How the Pandemic Facilitated the Conversion of Used School Buses into Homes

Look, there are families who were already used to using vehicles for homes. Nevertheless, the number has increased with the pandemic. What are the triggers of this trending habit?

  1. Cost

Coronavirus has rendered so many people jobless. Given the nature of the disease, that no one knows when the world will be back to normal, it is only sensible to reconsider the living arrangements.

 If you were living in a rental and your salary slashed or the job gone altogether, then you know the challenges that this could bring.

For this reason, more Americans have decided to turn to convert used school buses to homes. Besides, being used, the buses are way cheaper.

In any case, several schools already decided to turn to virtual learning. To finance and achieve this, more buses are available sale.

Though the conversion in itself is expensive, the long run results are cheap and convenient.

For a small family, a well-converted school bus will be the most efficient yet comfortable place they can call home.

  1. An Urge for Social Distance

The pandemic has set new standards that were never seen before; worldwide social distancing. And what better way to distance your family than to have it on a vehicle.

Since only a single small family will fit, you will not have threats from other people. Moreover, you can set the bus wherever you want, since it is mobile, unlike a house. Whether it is in the middle of a jungle or some abandoned location, you will have the freedom to keep your family safe.

Likewise, the mobility will ensure that you don’t really feel locked in. You can always experience a getaway whenever you feel like you need some air. As long as the place you go to is deserted, you are good to go.

  1. Space

School buses are among the most spacious vehicles you could get. A single school bus will accommodate a kitchen, a living room, toilet, and tiny bedrooms.

With your small family, you will have, if not all, most of the necessities you need in place.

  1. Family Bonding Time

You want to bond perfectlywith your family during this pandemic period, free from all distractions? A used school bus turns out to be the ideal solution, given the cost, space, and convenience away from people and all.

The bus will not fit all the luxuries of the house, and being smaller than a house, a perfect way to know your family better.

Bottom Line

So, yes, Americans are converting more used school buses into tiny homes. The reasons are obvious, as stated in this article.

The school bus is more convenient, cheaper and the best way to keep yourself or your family safe from the pandemic.

Bill Gates: US, ‘Sadly’ not Taking Coronavirus ‘Seriously’


Bill Gates, who is the CEO of Microsoft, finally opened up how he feels about the pandemic. The billionaire, who is also highly involved in public health projects, aired his fears about the take the US has on the virus. He feels that the president and some of the governors are taking measures that will expose the states to higher infection levels.

With over 4 million cases of Covid-19 and almost 150,000 deaths from the virus, the US is still leading in victim numbers.

The founder of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation notes that the country called off the lockdown too early when the infections and deaths from the virus were still rife. Nevertheless, he notes, the summer season could mean good news regarding the virus. Infections will reduce, which is a good thing.

On the other hand, come fall, the states that were still safe will be at a higher risk. This is highly based on their vulnerability; as seen earlier, places that get a shock are those that had the fewest or even no infection record in the first three months.

 While some governors have taken measures, others have gone as far as reopening restaurants and bars. This poses a high risk for US residents, who may have the virus hit more badly after summer.

Worse still, the US does not seem to take the virus seriously, regardless of the screaming number of infections and deaths.

But big ups to the tycoon, whoThe tycoon donated $350 billion in a bid to fight Covid-19 through the foundation, together with his wife.

 donated $350 billion in a bid to fight Covid-19 through the foundation, together with his wife.

Almost half of all jobs lost during pandemic may be gone permanently


A recent poll by Associated Press shows that a large proportion of unemployed Americans think that their jobs won’t return. Only 34 percent of the polled people believe their jobs will return.

That is a shift from earlier on when most people thought their jobs would return. The unemployment scope paints a grim picture, even as researchers work to get a vaccine for the virus.

The job market has been one of the hardest hit by the virus. Since April, when the virus hit the US, unemployment numbers went through the roof as a record number lost their jobs.

The unemployment was caused hugely by the measures aimed to combat the virus. Companies and businesses closed shop to enable social distancing and stay at home for the bulk of workers.

Only a handful of companies allowed their staff to work from home, plunging those who couldn’t into an unemployment crisis. The tough times have no end in sight, especially with the end of the $600 unemployment benefits at the end of July.

In what will serve as quite unfortunate news, most of these jobs lost might not return even with the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. Most people would have thought of the crisis to be a temporary thing.

However, all signs are that only a handful of jobs might return after the pandemic. About 10 million people might have to get new jobs after the pandemic stops wreaking havoc. To compound matters even farther, some might have to switch professions altogether.

Signs point to relatively fewer companies surviving the coronavirus pandemic. That is a frightening prospect for the millions that depended on such companies before the virus struck.

Congress has been weighing an extension of unemployment benefits for the millions of unemployed Americans.

Jobs heavily reliant on demand shifts might be the hardest to return according to a study done by The University of Chicago. That is in addition to employment in the hospitality industry.

However, it is not all gloom as some companies have stepped up hiring even in the face of the pandemic. Companies such as Walmart, Lowes, Amazon, Dominos, and Papa Johns have said they have plans of hiring soon.

That has been down to stay at home consumer patterns. The patterns have been shifting from the onset in the wake of the pandemic.

One can only wait to see how the economy bounces back after this historical setback.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: New features to include hand gestures, fall detection to compete with Apple Watch


Samsung are quite famous for their smart devices more so watches. What with the Galaxy Smart Watches being such a hit with customers globally?

The Galaxy Watch 3, whose release date is expected to be sometime in August, is already causing a stir in the market.

Rumors have it that it will come with several smart features such as fall detection and hand gestures that aim to rival Apple Watch 6. The Apple Watch 6 is also expected sometime this fall.

But what are these rumored features, and how special would they make the Galaxy watch 3? Let’s find out.

If we are to go with leaks online, the Galaxy Watch 3 is expected to come in sizes of 41 mm and 45 mm. They also will contain WIFI, Bluetooth, and LTE connectivity.

In a nod to initial Samsung watches, it will feature the rotating bezel. Also, the case materials will either be titanium or stainless steel, depending on the model.

 Key Specifications

  • Battery Capacity:247 mAh and 340 mAh
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Resolution Display: 360 by 360
  • Screen Size:1.2 inches and 1.4 inches
  • Storage:8 GB

The Galaxy Watch 3 will also have the ability to monitor blood pressure as well as to measure your pulse while being dust and water-resistant.

We can only speculate on the other features. Fortunately, we don’t have that long to wait.

Why Companies Turn to Digital Marketing to Survive COVID-19


Coronavirus has had an unprecedented effect on businesses all over the world. Never has so much changed over a short space of time. Most companies are struggling to survive, especially those that had not given heed to an online presence.

In a world where everyone is required to social distance Marketing and stay at home, businesses like Amazon and other delivery type businesses reap it big.

 It’s no secret Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men on the planet.

However, his wealth has just increased even further during the pandemic. That’s because Amazon went digital long ago.

That’s why it’s imperative that if businesses survive, they learn to navigate the digital waters.

The new normal requires people to stay in their homes; therefore, the internet has never been more critical.

There are several reasons why both small and large companies should turn to digital marketing to survive.

  1. Everyone is Home and Spending Most of their time Online

Thanks to government curfews and directives to stay home, most people are passing away their time online. That’s why a business should consider going online. There’s too much untapped potential online

2.Reduction in Running Costs

When you go online, although you will spend more to deliver products, it is still more cost-effective in the long run. You don’t have to rent a lot of space to start your online business.


Digital marketing enables both large and small businesses to be as flexible as possible. If it’s a small business, you can live and work from anywhere.

4.Globalization of your Business

The internet has made the world a global village. It has infiltrated virtually every part of the world. Therefore, what better way to market your products on a worldwide scale than on the internet?

  1. Increased Credibility

With a website, you can get reviews or post case studies that further boost your credibility. Especially with the current times, most customers are looking for brands they can trust. Why not be that business by having an online presence?

6.Around the Clock Availability

A few businesses, such as fast-food joints, manage the 24-hour operation. However, not all companies can do that. With digital marketing, it is possible to maintain around the clock operation.

 Thanks to the many benefits accruing to businesses that decide to go online, most companies (especially small companies) now can survive this crisis.

Pewdiepie’s Profile Picture


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Technology conference CES going digital for 2021


CES is among the tech world’s largest gatherings. The event usually held in January draws in the largest tech firms and minds in the world. It is traditionally seen as the tech world’s curtain-raiser for the year.

It is an annual event that aims to showcase the most recent advancements in technology. It is usually held in Las Vegas, US state of Nevada, at the beginning of each year.

In 2020, the event had a total attendance of 171,268 as per the CTA’s records. It features Artificial Intelligence virtual beings by Samsung, the kitschy robots, and Segway’s self-balancing vehicles.

It was slated for January 2021 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. However, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the event will have to be held online.

The event joins a few others in having an online gathering. The social distancing measures to combat the spread of the virus have necessitated the conference’s holding online.

Consumer Technology Association, the organizers of the event, decided on the backdrop of a spike in the number of deaths and infections globally.

It would be dangerous to convening tens of thousands of people. A statement the event organizers seemed to agree with.

All keynote speeches or product showcases will be displayed digitally. The digital formats for the keynotes, live meetups, demonstrations, and others are currently being developed.

The CES technology conference isn’t the only event that has had to realign itself due to COVID-19. Numerous events have had to adapt to the new normal and the fact that events will be impossible for people to attend.

Xavier University Receives Historic $20 Million Gift from Anonymous Donor


Xavier University, which is based in New Orleans, received a surprise gift of 20 million dollars. The mesmerizing news was announced on 28th July 2020 at the university.

The University is unique in several characteristics, including;

  • It is the only purely black student university in the country.
  • It is the only Catholic owned university in the country.

The $20 million giftsis the largest private donation that the university has received so far, marking a brighter beginning to its future.

The donation will be put in use to ensure that the university expands scholarships, increase faculty positions, and improve the institution in general. Further, it will increase the “capacity of learning in faculties such as pharmacy, medical sciences, Law and social sciences,” so were the words of the University President.

An impressive demonstration of support, the donation will not only enhance the institution but also empower more students admitted there.

We’re running out of homes for sale,’ Lake Tahoe brokers say as tech workers flee Bay Area.


 A recent movement of people from urban areas has seen Lake Tahoe real estate spike to unprecedented levels. Houses are getting bought at a remarkable speed as tech workers and other city dwellers leave for more spacious dwellings.

For a long time now, Lake Tahoe has been a sort of rural escape for California residents seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of urban areas.

 The lake region’s rural environment has been such an attractive prospect for so many urbanites in San Francisco and California.

Brokers aver that the latest house selling surge has never been seen before. Tech workers are moving to the bay area thanks to the more spacious homes.

 Media workers and other investors haven’t been left behind as well. Homes in the lake area have home offices and are suitable for raising kids and accessibility of outdoor social amenities.

The fleeing of the city areas might be further be exacerbated by Google’s decision to keep its workers working from home till July next year.

Private schools have also opted to have all their classes online. That is more reason for city residents to stay out of the city.

Properties usually took about four months or more to sell. Now it takes a week barely before a property is snapped up. And most are going for a much steeper price than the asking price.

A recent property went for $2 million after initially entering the market at an opening price of $1.65 million. Surprisingly enough, it was sold in under 24 hours!

In regular times there are 80 to 120 homes on the market in Tahoe Donner. Currently, only a dozen remains with the rest have sold already. And most deals are being done in cash.

The buying boom doesn’t show any signs of coming to an end soon. Sierra Sotheby says its pending sales for mid-July in Tahoe were upwards of $125 million.

Also, with homes becoming increasingly rare, most buyers have resorted to buying land then building. Local architects and builders say that their waiting list is to the brim.

People who barring extraordinary circumstances would have sold their houses are holding ono their homes. That may be because they need a place to stay.

The dynamics are that the brokers are now running out of homes to sell. One can only speculate for how long this will go on.