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Education and Career

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Top 7 Most In-Demand Jobs of the Future

With the surge in Covid-19 cases globally, an automatic shift in the working sector became obvious. People lost jobs, while others had an increase...

Lansing Schools Going Entirely Virtual for Kids Safety: A Different Look This Fall

Schools were one of the most affected sectors when the pandemic knocked in. Children had to be sent home to prevent an increase in...

Americans Converting Used School Buses into Tiny Homes During the Pandemic?

It may sound weird, but it is actually true. Some are coming out to confess, while school bus sales agencies are confirming it; this...

Almost half of all jobs lost during pandemic may be gone permanently

A recent poll by Associated Press shows that a large proportion of unemployed Americans think that their jobs won’t return. Only 34 percent of...

Xavier University Receives Historic $20 Million Gift from Anonymous Donor

Xavier University, which is based in New Orleans, received a surprise gift of 20 million dollars. The mesmerizing news was announced on 28th July...
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