5 Best Air Coolers for Campers


Summer is a great time for outdoor recreation. You can hike or go on a road trip in a camper or van and make a stop at the beaches or woods. The only downside of such activities is the summer heat, from which a camper can’t always protect you. But this problem is easily solved with a portable air cooler. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the best air coolers that will make you as comfortable as possible.

evaCHILL Personal Air Cooler

This cozy little air cooler makes your personal space perfectly chilled. It has a handle and is really lightweight, so you can move the device from one place to another. In addition, the evaCHILL can humidify and purify the air. This cooler is absolutely eco-friendly; it uses a unique technology called evaBreeze.

This portable AC for car is perfect for using outdoors because of its type of power supply. This model can be powered not only by a power socket but also by a laptop or power bank. The water tank has a leak-proof system, so no water gets in your camper. If you like stylish backlights, the device has modern ice-blue LED lights.


  1. Works quietly. Even on full power the cooler doesn’t disturb your sleep and wake up a baby.
  2. Has a handle for transporting. If you need to move the device somewhere, you can do it without much effort. Perfect for outdoor use.
  3. Leak-proof system. Water from the tank doesn’t wet your camper or tent.


  1. EvaCHILL cools only the air in close proximity to you. It can’t be used to chill the whole room or house. It’s ideal for small campers or personal use when you’re resting outside during the summer.

Price – around $99.

Yes like Personal Space Air Conditioner

This is a great device for personal air cooling. It can cool the temperature of the air in your personal space by up to 12 degrees. The fan has three speeds, so you can find the most comfortable setting. Also, the cooler can humidify the airflow. It uses eco-friendly technologies and modern evaporative filters.

The Personal Space Air Conditioner purifies the air and produces a refreshing atmosphere. It works best within a six feet distance. It’s portable, so you can easily carry it out, and it’s perfect not only for campers or vans but also for offices and even outdoor picnics. This air conditioner has multiple power supply methods. You can use a laptop or power bank to charge the cooler. With the mobile power supply, it works for around 12 hours.


  1. USB rechargeable. Don’t need a power socket for charging. This is a perfect fit for outdoor cooling.
  2. Low energy consumption. With a 2000mAh power bank, you don’t have to worry about power. You can just enjoy the flow of chilled air.
  3. Three fan speeds, so you can choose the most comfortable way of cooling off.


  1. Works best in dry air. In wet conditions, the effectiveness can be decreased.
  2. Small water tank. Need to refill it every couple of hours.

Price – $23.99.

Ontel Arctic Ultra Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner

There is another portable air conditioner that can cool, purify, and humidify the air. It’s very lightweight and has a whisper-quiet fan. Cool LED-lights make the device not only effective but beautiful looking. You can use it as a night lamp for a comfortable sleep.

The Ontel Arctic Ultra uses hydro-chill technology. Hot air goes through the water filter, so there are no dangerous substances. As with all of the coolers in this review, this device is portable and easy to transport. If you need the perfect personal air cooler for your outdoor holidays, this is one of the best choices.


  1. Energy-saving. Evaporative coolers consume not as much power as a big air conditioner.
  2. Whisper-quiet fan. With a soothing night light, it makes the cooler perfect to use throughout the night.
  3. Freon-free technology for those who are worried about the environment.


  1. Water leaks. Sometimes the water tank can let water through.
  2. Used only for personal air cooling.

Price – around $36.

Evaporative Nordic Hygge AirChill Cooler

It’s a portable device that not only cools but humidifies and purifies the air. It has an easy control touch screen and Seven colors LED light. It’s a perfect fit for people with allergies because it has a purifying filter.

This model is twice more powerful as its closest competitors. And the word “hygge” on its name represents a unique Scandinavian design. This cooler will be not only effective but the perfect decoration of your personal space.


  1. Powerful and portable. The high-speed fan chills the air and cools your airflow.
  2. Scandinavian design. Hygge means perfect look.
  3. Easy to control, even if you are not a tech person.


  1. It’s expensive.

Price – around $88.

Zero Breeze Mark 2

This is the most economical of the air coolers in this review. With very little power consumption, the battery can be charged from a car cigarette lighter or solar panel if you have a dedicated adapter. The battery lasts up to five hours with a full charge, and you can run it in a tent.

This model has a handle for easy carrying, and it’s lightweight. It uses an inverter compressor to cool the air and can cool down a van in just 10 minutes. There is also an air heating function you can use for heating in winter. In addition to its four-speed fan, the cooler boasts a stylish look. 


  1. The universal version for vans and tents can cool and heat the air.
  2. It’s convenient to carry, weighing about 16 pounds. 
  3. There are a power-saving mode and a super-cooling mode for the hottest summer days.


  1. You can use the cooler for only five hours. Then, the battery needs to be charged. This is not a problem if there is an energy source nearby, but it can create difficulties on a long hike away from civilization.
  2. It’s expensive. 

Price – around $1,000.


If you feel uncomfortable in the heat while camping or hiking, you need a portable air cooler. Modern technologies will help you create comfortable conditions for relaxation, even away from home. Enjoy the coolness while reducing or increasing the humidity of the air.

The ideal portable camping air conditioner should be compact, lightweight, convenient to use, and economical. It is good if the device has not only a cooling function but also a fan. The backlight will allow you to use the air conditioner as a night lamp and create a cozy atmosphere. It is important to choose the model that will make your stay more comfortable.