Why did PewDiePie Move to Japan?


Felix Kjellberg is one of the most famous YouTube content creators of the 21st century who has a massive fan base on all social media apps. The 32-years old Swedish YouTuber is famously known as PewDiePie and has garnered 110 million subscribers on YouTube over the years. Kjellberg was born and raised in Gothenburg and claims to have interest in art, gaming and content creation since childhood. In 2010, the YouTuber registered his first channel on YouTube under the name “PewDiePie”. Initially, he used to post Let’s Play videos of a number of video games but after experiencing substantial growth in popularity, he changed his content orientation. In 2012, PewDiePie became one of the fastest channels and its diversification led to the inclusion of music videos, vlogs, formatted shows, and comedy shorts. 

PewDiePie’s love for Japan

Before moving to Japan, he lived in the United Kingdom. He first expressed his love for Japan in his YouTube videos after his 2014 visit to Japan. The YouTuber was so captivated by the Japanese culture, lifestyle, and products that he made up his mind to settle down in the country. PewDiePie made tons of videos to express his love for the country under the titles Pewds, Hakone, Kamakura, Aokigahara, and many more. 

Arrival in Japan

As soon as he arrived in Japan, PewDiePie expressed his happiness regarding his new life in Japan via his YouTube videos. The artist made it to Japan after facing hardships for about three to four years. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and strict policies of Japan on international travel, PewDiePie was unable to settle down in Japan in 2020. He has shared many yearly get-aways to Japan through his YouTube videos. The YouTuber transparently concedes to live Japan and its culture. In May 2022, the YouTuber left the UK in a private jet valued at almost US$80,000. The choice of the private jet was made due to the heavy weight of his pet pug, Edgar, who weighs a few kilograms more than the allowed weight on the standard airline. Henceforth, PewDiePie flew to his dream place on a five years business visa accompanied by his wife and two little pugs. 

Japan’s Attractions 

Japan has a lot to offer as a country. Although the YouTuber was inspired by the Japanese culture, Japanese items also enthralled him during his 2014 visit to Japan. Having a great taste, Japan lures people from around the world with its amazing food and drinks. Fashion magazines claim that Korea is the hub of cosmetics but Japan is also leading the race of cosmetics as it offers one of the best products like shampoos, lipsticks, fairness creams, and makeup. Tourists find the culture of Japan as attractive as its museums and restaurants. From anime to Japanese food, many Japanese products also played a major role in influencing PewDiePie’s move to Japan. 


The famous YouTuber has landed himself in hot water several times. He has been accused of containing racial slurs and antisemitic views in his videos. Following several controversies and an unacceptable tweet, the YouTuber was temporarily suspended from Twitter in 2016. However, the star was successful in escaping the controversies and the UK. 

“We were unsure whether we could make this move for a long time, and we went through all of the ups and downs, and it’s been a long journey,” said the YouTuber regarding the hardships that he had to face along the way of moving to Japan. The star has reached his destination, however, challenges are still there and the YouTuber continues to tell about his challenges to the world through his YouTube videos.