5 best teeth whitening tips you might have never heard about before:


All of us silently have a strong yen to get a perfect smile. The smile is perfect when our teeth are completely aligned and white. White teeth not only enhance aesthetics but also give an impression that you take care of oral hygiene. You might have heard about brushing your teeth twice a day to get rid of discolouration. However, discolouration is not avoidable in some cases especially when you are a tobacco user. Even in some cases, our lifestyle also contributes a lot to teeth staining making them look yellow and dirty. We have some surprising tips for you to get rid of yellow or pale teeth

1. Cut down on sugar:

Most of us don’t know that the bacteria causing plaque on our teeth thrive on sugar. When you cut down on sugar, you cause those bacteria to die out of hunger. So, the best practice is to avoid sugary foods. Even if you have to intake sugary items, brush your teeth right after consuming them so that sugar doesn’t stay on your teeth for a long time 

2. Do oil pulling:

Oil is used as a remedy by many people across the world to whiten their teeth. The oil is meant to protect your teeth from damages by ensuring good oral hygiene. To do oil pulling, all you need to do is put oil in your mouth and then squish it all over your mouth for 5 minutes. Sesame oil is the best oil for teeth whitening. 

3. Make a natural toothpaste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide:

Almost every toothpaste uses baking soda as an active ingredient because it tends to whiten your teeth. Similarly, hydrogen peroxide is known as the best bleaching agent. If you add both of them and make a mixture, it becomes the best teeth whitening toothpaste. You can use this once a week because excessive use of baking soda can damage the outer layer of the teeth commonly known as enamel 

4. Go for a dental cleaning:

Sometimes, dental cleaning can give you white teeth because they remove all those elements that cause the teeth to get yellow such as biofilm, tarter and stain. Check out this dental spa http://professional.airflowdentalspa.com.au/ and find out how can whiten your teeth with biofilm therapy

5. Take a look at your diet:

We need to take cognizance of the fact that the appearance of our teeth also show how healthy our lifestyle is. For example, if you consume tobacco, yellowish teeth will depict it. So, diet is a major factor if you need naturally whiten teeth. Some fruits are known to have the properties of giving white colour to teeth. The strawberry is known to have an enzyme ‘’bromelain’’ that has natural properties to clean teeth and remove elements causing discolouration. You are recommended to first visit for thorough cleaning and therapy and then start working on your lifestyle