5 RV Privacy Products To Make Your Campsite More Private


RV camping allows you to add a sense of freedom to your travel experiences. Not only can you see more of the country’s scenic beauty, but you can also travel in a relaxed environment. No sitting in the middle seat on an airplane–squished against a stranger or two–and no worrying about being able to secure a hotel room in a crowded tourist location. With an RV, you can travel at your own pace with the essential comforts from home to provide that extra relaxing touch. After all, what is the purpose of a vacation but to relax and experience new adventures?

Unfortunately, due to seasonal crowding or cramped sites at an RV park, your camping travels can feel less than ideal–a fact that is especially true when you hear your neighboring RVer snoring through the night. Thankfully, some products exist to help give you more privacy when the situation calls for it.

1. Outdoor Privacy Fences

The ultimate way to gain some space and stay on good terms with your fellow campers is to put up a fence–or at least a temporary outdoor privacy fence. The material for these fences is usually mesh-like and attaches to rope or bungee cords. You can string it up along your campsite to create a haven when you encounter an RV park that offers little privacy. Fortunately, the mesh material is lightweight and portable enough to pack up and bring on your RV adventures.

2. Noise-Canceling Earbuds And Headphones

If noise pollution is an issue, try a pair of noise-canceling earbuds or headphones. Not only can you eliminate all the sounds of the surrounding campers, but you can also peacefully enjoy your music or audiobook without missing a beat–or a word.

Sleeping can also be difficult, depending on the noise level at the RV park. If you’re having trouble getting a good night’s rest, break out some old-fashioned earplugs. A pair of these noise-blocking devices can help you get to sleep when you have a big day of traveling ahead of you.

3. Privacy Awning Screens

Other products for visual privacy include privacy awning screens. While not intended to create a completely private space, these screens provide a way to at least partially block you from the view of your neighbors. All you have to do is attach the screen to your RV’s awning. It’s a bonus for these products that they provide additional shade, cut the intensity of wind gusts, and come in various sizes and colors so you can find the best fit for your RV.

4. Window Tinting And Windshield Covers

As far as interior privacy goes, you can opt for a solid cover on the windshield of your RV during the night to keep out prying eyes. During the day, mesh windshield screens allow natural sunlight in while blocking out most of the heat.

Daylight may also cause some privacy concerns for the rest of your RV windows. Leaving them uncovered will allow natural light inside but means neighboring campers have a direct line of view into your RV. Tinted window film is the solution to these problems. This film provides the same benefits as the windshield screens, such as privacy and natural light without heat absorption. It sticks to the glass with static cling, providing easy removal for window cleaning.

5. Screen Tents

If a fence or awning screen doesn’t fit your camping needs, a screened tent may supply the privacy you seek. In addition to being private, a screened tent offers protection from bugs and wind, making it ideal for mealtime and evening use. Some of these tents have side panels to provide a higher degree of noise cancellation and overall privacy.

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