6 Creative Ways to Make Your Home Come Alive with Succulent Plants


It thrives well under any given condition and has become the number 1 choice pet plant. Yes, you know what it is- succulents. These gorgeous little plants and their juicy and fleshy tissues can add glamour and style to your home the same way it does to wedding ceremonies. Think I’m exaggerating?

Here’s the best part. If well taken care of, a succulent can live up to 4 years without losing its value. The truth is this- this is one plant that leaves researchers hanging in the air. But that’s another story. You can use succulents to decorate the interiors of your home. Care to know how? Keep reading.

A birdcage

Sounds funny? Honestly, this style is one in a million with its unique appearance similar to a farmhouse.

Here’s what you need to do. Get a birdcage and hang it on a twine tied to your wall or rooftop. Fill in the birdcage with specks of dirt to sustain the growth of your succulents. Cultivate your succulents inside the cage and sit back to admire the breathtaking view.


It’s your go-to design if you’re someone who loves teacups. You can get your favorite teacup by giving it a stunning look with succulents. It’s a win-win for you. Don’t you think?

Feed your succulents from time to time and get your friends rushing to your house to enjoy the magnificent view.

Wine corks

What have you been doing with your wine corks? Let me guess. You’ve been throwing them away, but not anymore.

A wine cork can house your succulents and give your house a good look. Seriously, it’s more wine for you to drink and a better appearance of your home.


Okay, I know what you are thinking, but trust me its sight is out of this world. Get a mixture of white eggshells and brown eggshells for higher creativity.

Here’s the catch. This method is cost-free and highly effective.

A tin can

It’s another cost-free way to decorate your home with succulents. Hold on to those tin cans and make something cool out of them with succulents.

First, gather a variety of tin cans with different colors and shapes. Fill them up with the appropriate measure of soil. Cultivate your succulents. And boom! You have got a perfect succulent pot to last you the whole year.

Gift baskets

Stop throwing away those gift baskets. Whether big or small, it can house your succulents and give it the warmth it needs to flourish.

Additionally, the presence of a basket housing neatly arranged succulents does many wonders you’d never imagine.


Now that you have these great succulent decoration Ideas at your fingertip, your home is going to attract more visitors than you’d imagine. Most importantly, you’ll have something to steal a glance at before retiring to bed. So, go out now and grab those irresistible succulents for a change. We’d love to hear from you.