6 Financial Tips When Buying Tech Gadgets Online


These days, it is very hard to find people who don’t enjoy their share of gadgets. And honestly, what’s not to like? Over the last couple of years, digital tech evolved at a lightning pace making even the most advanced Sci-Fi things now available to an average consumer. All these devices make our lives simpler, faster, more streamlined, or simply more fun so we like to buy them in bulk.

That, however, brings us to the topic of personal finances. Namely, even though they are sitting firmly at the consumer level, the gadgets are far from dirt-cheap and the sheer volume of the things we need or want to buy puts quite a heavy burden on our monthly budgets.

Let us take a look then at a couple of financial tips that should make this situation easier.

Check and compare cellphone contracts

By now, cellphone contracts have gained a certain infamy for hidden clauses and selling devices at prices that are usually way higher than the ones you can find in retail stores. But, in some cases, and with enough research, you can find the deal that can work to your advantage. When all is said and done, these deals give you access to robust data plans so you get a lot of your money’s worth back. Also, this is the simplest way to pay for the device in installments, so even if you are paying a higher price you don’t have to pay everything at once. There is a lot of value to be found between these factors.

Check refurbished products

The latest-gen hi-tech gadgets feature much greater quality than their predecessors. And with very few mechanical parts that could actually break, these new devices have a very good life expectancy. As a matter of fact, the only thing that is prone to serious degradation is the batteries which inevitably drop performance after a certain number of charging cycles. A decent refurbishment can easily solve these problems, breathe in new life to second-hand gadgets and drastically prolong their life. What’s even more important, such refurbished devices are sold at lower prices and open the way for great savings.

Shop around for the best deals

Of course, even if you don’t what to have anything with data carriers or refurbished devices, you will still be able to find very good deals if you just spend some time shopping around. Do you want to buy Samsung Galaxy phones online? Check a couple of vendors, see which one of them features the most favorable prices, and purchase deals and buy phones there. While you are doing that, you should also check for various discounts (seasonal and regular), use coupons and referrals, check the shipping costs, and so on. Using one or several of these assets can drastically affect what you get at the checkout.

Photo by MOHI SYED: https://www.pexels.com/photo/silver-samsung-smartphone-47261/

Wait for prices to drop

Getting a hot new device is great, especially if you want to get yourself geared up for the Holiday season. But, upon the very release, most of these gadgets feature prices that are overly optimistic and are carefully fabricated to tap into this sensibility. For instance, according to recent research, the price of new phone Android models drops 35% only 35 days after their release. Also, some brands tend to depreciate much faster than others losing about 75% of their value within 12 months despite putting out excellent performance. If you can’t wait for this to happen you can check for last year’s models.

Buy from the reputable stores

This topic leans toward something that, at least in the car market, could be described as the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO). Namely, buying from shady stores will also expose you to lower-quality products, warranty issues, and extender servicing time. While all this happens, you are losing time and, if you use the gadget for a job, productivity. Companies that find themselves at the bare bottom of the market will sometimes plainly reject your warranty claims forcing you to buy a new device. Be sure, then, to check the vendor’s background and customer reviews before you make any final decision.

Avoid purchasing add-on software

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that some types of devices, most likely laptops, PCs, and some phones, come bundled with some form of add-on software that usually ramps up their price a notch. Unless we are talking about some really sweet deal (for example, the licensed Windows with built-in Office) such offers should be avoided. Just like in the case of new devices, the prices of these software packages tend to drop as time goes by so getting some earlier versions can save you a lot of money. Also, the offer of freeware alternatives is expanding with each passing day so there’s that.

We hope these couple of suggestions gave you some general idea about the neat strategies and tricks you can use to use this holiday season to the fullest extent and finally get yourself the gadgets you always wanted. Sure, you will need to invest some time and work, but when all is said and done the more money you save the more awesome things you will be able to buy. And after this long and taxing year, you deserve something to cheer you up.