Alconero And Associates: Your Trusted Public Adjuster in Miami


Experiencing home damage is distressing. Navigating insurance claims adds to the challenge. Alconero And Associates, your premier public adjuster in Miami, is here to help.

Why Alconero And Associates?

Our dedicated team ensures you get the rightful compensation. We handle various home damage insurance claims:

From leaks to floods, we guide you seamlessly.

Addressing health risks, we manage mold claims with precision.

  • Fire & Smoke Damage:

We navigate fire and smoke claims, aiding your recovery.

  • Underpaid Claims:

Feel under-compensated? We’ll advocate for you.

  • Hurricane Damage:

We’re experts in hurricane claims, ensuring coverage.

  • Commercial Damage:

Minimizing business downtime, we handle commercial claims swiftly.

  • Roof Leaks:

Trust us to address roof leak damages diligently.


Alconero And Associates is more than a public adjuster; we’re your recovery partner. Facing property damage in Miami? Reach out today.