Americans Converting Used School Buses into Tiny Homes During the Pandemic?


It may sound weird, but it is actually true. Some are coming out to confess, while school bus sales agencies are confirming it; this is almost becoming a new norm. To strengthen the news are the vehicle converting companies, who claim to be fully booked, actually, up to way into 2021.

It is not really a surprise to see people convert vehicles into little habitats. The habit has been there for long, driven by various motivations.

How the Pandemic Facilitated the Conversion of Used School Buses into Homes

Look, there are families who were already used to using vehicles for homes. Nevertheless, the number has increased with the pandemic. What are the triggers of this trending habit?

  1. Cost

Coronavirus has rendered so many people jobless. Given the nature of the disease, that no one knows when the world will be back to normal, it is only sensible to reconsider the living arrangements.

 If you were living in a rental and your salary slashed or the job gone altogether, then you know the challenges that this could bring.

For this reason, more Americans have decided to turn to convert used school buses to homes. Besides, being used, the buses are way cheaper.

In any case, several schools already decided to turn to virtual learning. To finance and achieve this, more buses are available sale.

Though the conversion in itself is expensive, the long run results are cheap and convenient.

For a small family, a well-converted school bus will be the most efficient yet comfortable place they can call home.

  1. An Urge for Social Distance

The pandemic has set new standards that were never seen before; worldwide social distancing. And what better way to distance your family than to have it on a vehicle.

Since only a single small family will fit, you will not have threats from other people. Moreover, you can set the bus wherever you want, since it is mobile, unlike a house. Whether it is in the middle of a jungle or some abandoned location, you will have the freedom to keep your family safe.

Likewise, the mobility will ensure that you don’t really feel locked in. You can always experience a getaway whenever you feel like you need some air. As long as the place you go to is deserted, you are good to go.

  1. Space

School buses are among the most spacious vehicles you could get. A single school bus will accommodate a kitchen, a living room, toilet, and tiny bedrooms.

With your small family, you will have, if not all, most of the necessities you need in place.

  1. Family Bonding Time

You want to bond perfectlywith your family during this pandemic period, free from all distractions? A used school bus turns out to be the ideal solution, given the cost, space, and convenience away from people and all.

The bus will not fit all the luxuries of the house, and being smaller than a house, a perfect way to know your family better.

Bottom Line

So, yes, Americans are converting more used school buses into tiny homes. The reasons are obvious, as stated in this article.

The school bus is more convenient, cheaper and the best way to keep yourself or your family safe from the pandemic.