Benefits Of Using YouTube For Business


YouTube is the second-fastest-growing platform after Google. More than 2 billion people spend an average of 12 minutes on YouTube every month. With such a diverse audience, it is easier for businesses to connect with their customers.

In this article, let’s discuss why your business needs to go on YouTube, how to promote your channel, and what alternatives there are to video.

Why Is a YouTube Channel Important for Business?

When you decide to buy something, where do you go to see reviews? 90% of people look at product reviews on YouTube before they buy something. According to Globalreach’s statistics, YouTube is the next place after Google where people go for reviews. How to tie a tie, what security system to choose for your car, how to make banana bread and what smartphone is better to buy.


65% of the people on the planet are visual, and video content can help increase your brand awareness. Video can go viral and generate a discussion about your brand. 

Brand Presence

The ultimate goal of any marketing activity is to ensure that people find your brand online. Video content plays an important role in this process and works well for your name on key platforms where potential audiences come together.

Increased loyalty

People trust people and people buy from people. When your business has a face that appears periodically in your client’s phones and is trusted, there is a high probability that the person will buy your product. 

Wide audience

YouTube is present in more than 100 countries and supports 80 languages. You can create content targeted to different countries and communicate with your audience. Via YouTube, audiences from the most remote countries can learn about you. 

You can also tell about your business via advertising on other channels:

  • buy ads from a blogger
  • run ads that are shown before the video

What To Shoot

  • Educational videos

Audiences come for value. Educational content is trending on YouTube right now. People come to YouTube for help when choosing a phone, learning how to target an audience, and grooming sheep. 

Educational videos are a good way to get an audience interested, retain and lead to a purchase.

  • Entertainment content 

64% of YouTube viewers come to the platform for just that! Pranks, challenges, kids’ channels, humor – all entertaining channels have the ability to grow quickly.

One of the most popular by the number of subscribers is children’s channels. If your business is related to products for children, look at this format of running a channel.

  • Life Blog / Daily routine

This video format is good for a personal brand as well as for a company. You show the whole internal life of the company.

Many bloggers like to talk about their lives, schedules, hobbies, and travels. All of this is also lifestyle content that is popular. People are interested to see how other people live and what they do.

The 15-Second Rule: How Audiences Decide to Watch Videos

Once we have identified the target audience, we already understand the tone of communication to which these users are accustomed. Now it is important for you to get them interested.

The YouTube audience makes the decision to watch a video when they see the thumbnails. When the user clicks on it, you have up to fifteen seconds to get them interested or explain why they should take the time to watch it. That is why the first fifteen seconds are so important.

The tone of communication should be polite and clear. We need to communicate the benefits of our product, emphasize its advantages and not forget that it is necessary to buy it from us.

It is not enough to recommend a product and make users want to buy it. You need to make the customer choose your company among others. In the video, you should refer to the advantages several times: talk about delivery, a wide range of products, and the best price on the market.

Audience retention is also very important for channel statistics. It affects the platform algorithms in the best way possible. Increase retention and buy YouTube views.

How to find your audience

Every product has its own audience, limited by age, gender, and interests. In addition, the audience is limited by distribution: not all products can be ordered in every corner of the country. The advertiser must describe its audience and determine where it can be found on YouTube: with which authors, on which channels, in which shows.

To reach your audience, you can properly set up advertising, select Influencers with the right themes, or develop your own channel, which will attract the users you need. Below we will talk about these tools in more detail.

  • Settings. Target should be set up so as to show your videos to the target audience.
  • Selecting Influencers. You need to collaborate with bloggers who your target audience is watching. Sometimes it’s easy to find the right influencers, but sometimes it is hard. For example, you need lifestyle or beauty content. Most likely, finding the right Influencer will not be difficult: for example, you will find a beauty blogger who talks about new beauty products. A channel on such topics seems relevant.

Now it is worth asking bloggers for statistics on their channels, and data on the demographics of their audience. This is the data they share in personal communication.

This is how you determine whether you have guessed: how high is the concentration of those we need there. And only after checking these conditions you can order certain goods and services from the influencer.

  • Relevant content on your own channel. When you create your own channel, you produce content focused on the target audience. We need to understand why users will watch us, and what questions we answer. Relevant videos will attract the viewers we want.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of promotion

The YouTube user can watch the commercial today and come to the store in two weeks when s/he has a need. That is, after watching the video the client will not buy anything, but s/he will remember that s/he can buy from you.

All videos have a long-term effect. Therefore, to evaluate the effectiveness of promotion, you should take into account both rapid conversions and long-term results. It is worth using a complex system of links and a system of site surveys, as well as evaluating traffic from YouTube to your site.