Best Law Firm Marketing Practices For 2021


The professional path of any lawyer sooner or later leads to a conscious decision to open his own practice. A law start-up needs to have a background to the uniqueness of the services offered or approaches to work. How to build competent legal marketing for a startup and avoid common mistakes? There is no magic pill in the law firm marketing – a single mechanism that would ensure a stable flow of orders. The only way you can attract new customers to your business is to use a set of tools that are only complex. Focusing on one advertising method always creates a black hole in your marketing budget that will waste your money.

In the law services market, you cannot just open your office, create a website, nail a sign to the door and wait for clients. This method can work only in a small province, where a lawyer who starts his own business has worked for more than 20 years in the juridical sphere and many people already know him. There are so many competitors in this sphere nowadays. In large cities, a startup cannot survive without an integrated and competent approach to promoting services. 

The law services market is developing rapidly, and today attracting clients through the brand building has become an urgent need. Marketing, as the art of customer acquisition, has gone far in its methods and technologies. There are many strategies, working mechanisms, tools, by introducing which a lawyer can receive a steady stream of clients in his business. And if you want to detach yourself from the competition, then ignoring them will be a disastrous mistake. 

Clients turn to a lawyer with a specific problem. And it will depend on how much the person initially gained confidence in you whether he becomes your client or not. That is why building your own brand is important. Think of what makes your business unique and why people should choose exactly your firm. The client does not ask: “Where can I find a lawyer?” The client is looking for an answer to the question: “Why should I choose you?” And the main thing here is to distinguish favorably from competitors. The more differences you collect for your practice, the better. Perhaps you only work with certain clients? Maybe you have your own specialization in the field of law? Search and sell your uniqueness!

If you want your business to be competitive, you need to create a mobile-friendly website with all the needed information. Well designed and informative website is also part of the first impression, which can influence your clients’ choice. Remember to optimize your websites for search engines if you want to get into the top search results and gain success. 

It’s almost impossible to be a master in a few absolutely different fields at once. Even if you know a lot about marketing, you have to devote time to your main job. It’s like learning several foreign languages at the same time, you cannot progress in learning languages identically. A professional marketing agency with its innovative ideas and proper approach will let you not worry about this part of the business. Thanks to these professionals you can concentrate on the work with your clients and solving their problems. 

The deal is closed? Ask the client for detailed feedback on cooperation right away. Reviews of the customers who have already used your services, help relieve fear and feelings of doubt among potential customers. Use these reviews in your ads. This will significantly increase the effectiveness of your advertising investments.