Boris Wolfman is an Advocate of Conscious Agriculture Methods


Many entrepreneurs focus on receiving substantial profit margins for their products without considering the ecological point of view. Agricultural produce should gain premium not just on the monetary terms, but also focus on the environmental stand front. However, focusing on only earning money and sale revenue will eventually result in harming the ecological cycle.

Boris Wolfman Puts Light on Innovative Techniques in Agricultural Field

The demand for food products is enormous globally due to several factors, such as increasing population rate, birth rates, rising lifestyle diseases, and ever-changing consumer demand, among others. In light of this, entrepreneurs operating in agricultural and food trading are focusing on leveraging innovative techniques and equipment to sustain their presence in the field. However, producing products that are an outcome of natural agriculture is a must.

The Organic Food Trend

A trend in a business reaches a point of critical mass after its progress becomes exponential. After that, the remainder of society follows. That is how a trend starts in the marketplace. As the consciousness of consumers increase, the trend takes an uptake road. Consumers incline towards using organic products to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Growing lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and others, are crafting the way to chronic illnesses. Organically-produced food is chemical-free. This nature of organic food is what attracts most of the consumers. Also, while the production of organic products; there are no additives that farmers use. This environmentally friendly process aids in increasing the preference rate among consumers.

Another aspect of this trend is the cultivation of crops through genetic engineering. Scientists have proved that farmers can obtain high yield and even modify their crops by removing the unwanted genes in plants by using these techniques. However, a lot of people argue against this trend. However, the debate on whether genetic engineering in agriculture is ethical or not is continually churning the views of consumers and customers.

The organically certified food product is a large buyer market, possessing a considerable number of customers. A large buyer market exists because people seek consciously produced and nourishing products. Producing and trading food through natural agriculture acts as one step closer to sustaining the environment.

Regenerative Agriculture: The Way to Sustainable Biodiversity 

Regenerative agriculture refers to all agricultural practices that help build an ample amount of carbon in the soils. This, in turn, leads to healthier soils by increasing the hydrology and biodiversity in the farms. Regenerative agriculture is beyond a sustainable process in the field of agriculture. Historians saw regenerative agriculture as a management practice in organic farming. However, now this spread beyond the horizon to wider varieties of farming firms. Regenerative agriculture techniques improve the nutrition levels in soil and plants. 

Farmers are also on the way to improve the soil in the field and improve the local environment. They tirelessly promote the concept of regenerative agriculture by extending their testimonials to the communities and support the humans in their wellbeing, thus creating an overall positive impact in the broader biosphere.

Many people think that this technique is expensive and does not render the necessary results at all times. However, experts state that regenerative agriculture techniques are economically viable in the long-term results and offer huge profits if you carry it out properly.

The operations for regenerative agriculture need specific equipment.

No Till-Drill

Tilling refers to digging up and turning the soil to ensure safety for a new crop. Farmers use tilling to sow an annual crop. This process makes the growing easier but badly affects the soil. In light of this, regenerative farmers prefer a no-till drill to plant additional crops without tilling the ground at first.

Smart Irrigation

Incorporating new technology is critical to induce smart irrigation techniques in the process. Using timers and sensors, farmers can efficiently use energy output. Smart irrigation is an exceptional tool to irrigate crops and ensure the correct moisture level without deteriorating resources.

Manure Spreader

Industrial agriculture techniques focus on producing one crop through one process. However, regenerative farmers state that a healthy ecosystem comprises many functions and a lot of methods have to amalgamate together efficiently. Manure is an essential component, and for the farms having rotational grazing, a manure spreader distributes the manure at all parts.

Post-Hole Digger

Planting young seedlings is a tiring process and consumes a lot of your time. As a result, investing in a post-hole digger is a wise choice to streamline the planting process.

What Can Companies Do to Sustain in the Industry?

The agricultural produce business is a critical one, which needs careful evaluation of many aspects. Several companies are trying to increase their presence in the industry by partnering with vendors and local suppliers. Such a move is an excellent way as these local vendors have a reputation in their region and easily endorse your product. In other words, they act as your unofficial brand ambassadors. Also, long term contracts with suppliers and distributors can gain you profit margins, which you can cover up your investment in high-end agricultural equipment.

Joint venturing is also one of the most important strategic activities if you are looking forward to expanding your business. Entering into an agreement with an overseas player can help you grow your business, gaining you revenue from different lands. Moreover, agricultural produce is such an aspect that quality matters first. As a result, you can always enter into partnerships, agreements, joint ventures, and contracts to expand your target audience. Nevertheless, careful scrutinization is essential in this case as it will prevent your company from getting into any illegal matters or handling losses.

A positive mindset is essential for an entrepreneur to survive in the agricultural business. It is vital to follow the best process and acceptable manufacturing practices to produce food, with the prime purpose of not harming the environment and the secondary purpose of gaining profits. Not ignoring the ethical means and abiding by them to develop consciously produced food products is crucial.