Can I DIY a Bathroom Renovation with Zero Experience?


Many young homeowners ask themselves this question; maybe they had a quote from a local contractor and couldn’t believe the labor costs; DIY is very popular, not only for the money-saving aspect but also for the sense of satisfaction one gets when a home improvement project is finished.

So, to the question, 

Can a person with no DIY experience handle a bathroom renovation?

The short answer is yes, most definitely. Thanks largely to YouTube, someone with zero building experience can construct a house, from foundations to roof tiles. Try searching YouTube for ‘bathroom renovations’ and just about every aspect is covered. The popular YouTubers that cover home improvements are easy to follow and they address every aspect; watch as many as you need until you feel you’re ready to put a plan together for your first DIY project. 

Online suppliers

The best deals on bathroom sink units and stand-alone baths can be found with the online supplier. The best brands at trade prices, plus they stock all the fixtures and fittings you will need and will likely deliver for free.

Determine the scope of the project

If you are going to rip everything out and start from scratch, you need to consider the waste; a large skip might de sufficient – Is there much point in keeping an old bathtub? It might work in the garden! If you are going to remove specific items, list them and see what you have remaining, from which to build your design. 

Floor plan

Get a large sheet of paper and create a ‘to-scale’ diagram of the bathroom space, add specific items with scaled dimensions, which can be colored onto the plan, or pieces of card can be used to show placement. Once your plan is complete, you can start listing the materials, furniture, and appliances you are going to need to turn your concept into reality.

Sourcing furniture, fixtures, and fittings

You could spend a day walking around bathroom stores, or you could browse a few websites, which is the smart way to acquire what you need. Don’t be in a hurry to buy anything, you first have to cost the project; Google can help you do this, taking all costs into account (minus labor), this is your projected budget for the project. Choose quality products, as they will stand the test of time and add a touch of class to the space. Here is an article on how to make your home more energy efficient this winter.

Tools & equipment

You will need at least the following:

  • Stepladders
  • Old blankets
  • Power tools (drill, screwdriver, and grinder)
  • Tile cutter – Extra blades.
  • Plumbing tools – wrenches of various sizes, grips, and a hacksaw.
  • Spirit level
  • Hand tools –Hammer, set of chisels, grips, cutter & blades, metal straightedge.
  • Grouting tools 

Once you have acquired everything on your tools and equipment list and materials are set to be delivered, you can start work and remove whatever it is that is not going to be incorporated into the new look. Condensation is something to consider.

We advise you to work from the top down, with the floor being the final job on the list. Work methodically, follow the video examples and your new bathroom will take shape.