Different Kinds of Temporary Tattoos


Tattoos are regarded as being cool. People love the art and look associated with them on their skin. However, some people do not wish to have a permanent mark on their skin due to the tattoo. Here temporary tattoos come in. You can enjoy the tattoo and it will not remain with your forever.

What is a temporary tattoo?

A temporary tattoo tends to be a decorative image thatcan put to the skin. This is only for a short amount of time. The majority of these tattoos are thought to be novelty items. They are made with a certain type of decal.

The following are some kinds of temporary tattoos that can be gotten:

Henna Tattoos

Hennas is a product popular in South Asia. It is used as a temporary type of tattooing. The ink is a paste created from powdered leaves. The leaves are of the Henna plant. With this, you only get a certain amount of shades. These are red, brown, and slightly black. The designs are rather exciting.

This tattoo is able to remain for a month or even less. It depends on what quality paste you have gotten, the artists, as well as how you later care for it.

If you opt for this choice you need to avoid “pre-mixed” and “fast staining black henna”. The reason is that they have ingredients that can lead to an allergic reaction. They can cause scars on your skin where the tattoo is.

Press on tattoos

You have probably tried out this one before when you were a kid. These may be said to be the most common kind of temporary tattoo.

The designs get printed upon the water-permeable paper. At the time that moisture is put on the paper with the ink side down, the design gets transferred to your skin.

Many of the press ones employ ingredients that have been approved by the FDA when it comes to those used in cosmetics. However, some do not tell what ingredients get used to making them. It is better to avoid these as they can have unsafe chemicals that result in allergic reactions.

It is possible to make these by oneself. You will have to buy special paper which can get a design printed on it.

Airbrush tattoos

With this one, the artist will press some stencil to your skin. An airbrush gets used to apply the tattoo. The airbrush ones are better for a party setting. This is because it is possible to create many in a little amount of time. Children prefer these more than adults.

If you are interested in getting a temporary tattoo, you can have a look at personalized temporary tattoos with Prinker. It is important to be careful and choose the one which will not affect your skin negatively. When a good quality one is gotten, you can enjoy its effects for a limited amount of time. It is better than having a permanent tattoo which you may regret getting after some years.