FDA issues new warning to avoid nearly 90 hand sanitizers that may contain methanol


Even as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc globally, the Food and Drug Administration continues to offer advisories against certain health products.

At the center, this time, are sanitizers that may be hazardous to unsuspecting American users. A fundamental way to keep yourself safe from the virus is to keep your hands clean.

And whenever one can’t get to soap and water, hand sanitizers usually come in handy. But what happens when those sanitizers contain methanol, a toxic component?

The FDA updated its list of sanitizers to avoid as they might be harmful. Some have been recommended for recall, but manufacturers don’t recall all of them. That’s why it is imperative consumers avoid them.

The FDA also says most of the products on the list can be traced back to Mexico. This follows an earlier warning by the FDA in June to avoid a total of nine sanitizers that also contained methanol.

It now says it has found methanol in tested products in a range of 1 percent to 80 percent. The sanitizers to be avoided can be found on the FDA’s website fda.gov.

Methanol, alternatively referred to as wood alcohol, can be hazardous when it gets into contact with the skin or is ingested.

There have been a few adverse events where children or adults ingested such sanitizers and ended up blind or hospitalized.

Therefore, users are urged to exercise caution with the sanitizers they use and try as much as possible to avoid those on the FDA’s list.