Hearing Date for St. Lawrence County to approve law delaying foreclosures set


Legislators in St Lawrence county have set a date to amend the law to adhere to the state legislation halting residential foreclosures in the foreseeable future.

Public participation will be before the hearing on the 14th of September. The public will comment on the issue before the board reconvenes.

The pandemic had raised fears of property owners losing out due to the effects of the pandemic. The new resolution would, therefore, enable the county to stop or move the sale date forward.

The next public sale slated for the second Saturday of the following month will now be unconfirmed. Property owners now get a respite in their quest to pay their taxes and retain their property.

Andrew Cuomo, the governor, had signed executive orders pushing back the date. This was necessary to enable property owners some breathing space in their quest to redeem their properties.

The legislators’ board passed the resolution planning the hearing unanimously.