How Flowers Make Us Feel Better, According to Science


Life is full of ups and downs — this is a saying that everyone in the world knows by heart. Sometimes, we feel like we’re on top of the world because we have everything we ever wanted or needed. 

But sometimes, we are down on our luck — we get horribly sick, lose something or someone we love, or any other scenario that is just as horrific. 

When something terrible happens to us, some of our loved ones will give us get-well flowers, and automatically, we smile and feel a little bit better. 

But why do we smile when we receive flowers from anyone? Why are flowers able to lift our moods and help us forget about our troubles even for a little while? 

How Do Flowers Make Us Feel Better?

Flowers’ Bright Colors Make You Happy

According to author and professor Loretta Bruening, Ph.D., the most obvious answer lies in the flowers’ bright and vivid colors. She says that the reaction we get from seeing flowers is the product of biochemicals related to evolutionary history.

To be more specific, the flowers’ vivid colors attract our innate and evolutionary love of variety. So, when we see the flowers’ bright colors, our bodies release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel pleasure and excitement. Seeing a pop of color also spurs our bodies to produce oxytocin, which is another brain chemical that is associated with positive emotions, especially happiness. 

Flowers Also Help You Feel Less Anxious and Depressed

Bruening’s explanation is further backed and expanded upon by 10-month behavioral research done by Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. This research aims to explore the connection between flowers and life satisfaction, and the researchers have found that flowers elicit positive effects on emotional health. 

To be more specific, their findings show that flowers prompt positive reactions from people, such as happiness and surprise. Study participants have also shared that they feel less anxious and depressed once they receive flowers. Because of all these findings, researchers have concluded that flowers improve one’s emotional well-being. 

Flowers Improve Your Sleep

In addition to the bright colors, another quality of flowers that has a positive impact on us is their fragrance. 

According to several scientific studies, some flowers possess fragrances that can induce sleep. A few examples of this kind of sleep-inducing flower include jasmine, gardenia, and lavender. 

The discovery that some flowers improve sleep is a significant one because sleep is crucial for all of us. Without sleep, our bodies have no way of repairing themselves, thus making us weak and prone to sickness. 

For that reason, if you can’t sleep at night, you might want to consider getting a few fragrant flowers in your room. That way, you can rest better, and you will wake up refreshed and energized the following day. 


Flowers are some of the most glorious gifts nature has given to us. However, there is actually a lot more to flowers than just their beauty — they are also capable of lifting our moods and making us feel better. 

Scientists have always been curious about the connection between flowers and our emotional well-being. And in their research, they have discovered that flowers can signal our bodies to produce dopamine and oxytocin. They also make us feel relaxed and calm, and they can help improve our sleep. As a result, we always feel better when we have flowers around. 

Because of all this, flowers are great gifts for everyone. So, start giving your family and friends flowers now and then.