How To Choose Best Smartphone?


In the era of active development of mobile technology on store windows, you can find a huge number of smartphones with different prices and from different brands. How not to make a mistake when choosing? And choosing a smartphone on basis of performance.


It is important to choose a phone according to performance parameters, otherwise there is a risk that the gadget simply will not be able to “pull” the user’s favorite games, it will freeze and get warm. To a greater extent, it depends on the chipset and random-access memory (RAM). The first is chosen by manufacturer, number of cores and frequency, memory is simply by volume.

Correctly pay attention to these parameters:


Processors from Qualcomm are considered the most relevant. As a rule, the presence of a chipset from this brand already indicates decent performance. The MediaTek brand is next, it feels great in the budget and cheap segment, and in 2023 the steel brand has quite competitive solutions in the higher price segment. If you are not one of the people for whom Qualcomm is “our everything”, then by choosing a device on MediaTek you can save quite a lot.  In the foreseeable future, the company will have to look for an alternative.

Number of cores

The more of them, the easier it is for the smartphone to work in multitasking mode. Chipsets with 4 or 8 cores are common today. As a rule, 4 cores are the lot of the budget segment, 8 cores are medium and higher, like HONOR X7a.You can find processors with 10 cores – this is a rare occurrence. They have good performance for the middle segment, but it should be understood that such chipsets were released 5 years ago, which means that the technologies they use are partly outdated.

Clock frequency

It is responsible for the number of operations that the smartphone can perform per minute. A processor with a high frequency will allow you to run “heavy” applications. The average value is from 1500 to 2000 MHz. For top models, it can exceed 3000 MHz, but even options with 2500 MHz show excellent performance.

Random access memory (RAM)

RAM affects the speed of performing current tasks. In smartphones up to 10-12 thousand, it is strongly not recommended to choose less than 3 GB. If you are considering devices with a price tag of 12 to 25 thousand, then good values  are 4 and 6 GB. In more expensive devices, seeing less than 8 GB is rather strange, but there is a nuance. Modern mobile technology can have more than 8 GB. That’s just how much it is needed in the phone – an open question. If a huge amount of RAM (more than 8 GB) is the only advantage for which you will have to overpay, then it is better not to do this. With a high degree of probability, you will spend money in vain.


Deciding which gadget to choose, refuse to participate in the “arms race”. Buy one that is 100% fit for you, not just stuffed with features and innovations that are useless to you. Only this approach will give you a pleasant experience of use and help save money.