How to Quickly Resolve Your DUI Charges: 4 Steps


Have you been charged with DUI/DWI? But, don’t know how to fight the charges filed against you and dismiss a case in the shortest period possible. Then, read the article below for some valuable information. Here I’m going to discuss four easy steps:

#1: Hire DUI Defense Attorney  

First & foremost, you need to hire an experienced DUI/DWI defense attorney to rationally beat charges filed against you. You can either search online or ask for friends/family recommendations when choosing a private attorney. Pick a qualified attorney with extensive knowledge and field experience. Ideally, you should make a list of the best attorneys in town, and schedule initial consultations. This way, you can compare attorneys depending on their fees and services. After you have decided on an attorney, sign a written retainer contract (an agreement). Having professional legal support by your side can help you drop your DUI charge case in a nominal time frame.

#2: Evaluate the Evidence 

Up next, with the help of your attorney, you need to be reviewing the evidence gathered against you. Evaluating the evidence is imperative for building your case. Your attorney must have access to all the evidence that the prosecuting attorney has planned against you for the trial process. Mostly, DUI charges are based on SFTs/field sobriety tests, breath-analyzer tests, and observations of officers. To drop charges fast, you and your attorney need to challenge the results of the tests on logical grounds. Besides, if you believe that you had not been physically or medically fit or were under the influence of medicine or special diet at the time of the investigation, then your attorney shall also discuss this in a courtroom.

#3: Prepare for Trial

Thirdly, you shall start preparing yourself for trial. It doesn’t matter if this is your first charge or not, it is quite difficult to defend yourself in front of a prosecutor. Work hard with your attorney to succeed in a trial, depending on the merits of your DUI case. Even if you are confident enough that you will soon be free from DUI charges, you still need to be well-prepared for the smooth exchange of evidence & information. Your prosecutor will be able to offer you a win/win strike only when you have built a strong case.

#4: Negotiate with the Prosecutor

Once you have prepared your case for trial, it’s time that you begin working with the prosecutor. As mentioned earlier, it is no easy thing to convince a prosecutor to drop your DUI charges. Hence, you may want to complete any needed driving classes to impress your prosecutor. Currently, there are a number of driving schools that are helping drivers convicted of traffic violations & DUI charges. Taking driving lessons will send a solid signal to the prosecutor that you are being proactive, admitting mistakes, and becoming responsible for your actions. This way, you can be instrumental in getting your DUI charges dropped. Lastly, you need to plead guilty for a lesser offense. There are fewer chances that you will be able to succeed in penalty-free guilty. However, you can negotiate for lesser charges like reckless driving or lesser traffic violations.