Humana invests $100 million in L.A. health-tech startup Heal


Fast-rising health tech startup Heal got its most significant investment from Humana. Telehealth has only grown in stature this year thanks to it allowing patients to receive a visit from their doctors while at home.

The trend points to a shift in how healthcare will be administered in the future. And health insurance companies have noted this shift.

That would inform why Humana has moved to partner with the Santa Monica startup. The partnership will allow Humana to give some of Heal’s services to its customers. That will also provide the startup a much-needed breakthrough in newer markets.

Heal makes use of tech to doctors and patients. It gives them(patients) home visits by doctors. The platform developed by Heal to allow these visits also enables remote monitoring and easy follow-up of the visits.

Through the platform, doctors can provide telemedical assistance, psychological assessments, and, most importantly, primary care visits.

In its first five years, Heal has enabled over two hundred thousand home visits. As at the moment, Heal offers its services in DC, California, New York, Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey.

The partnership with Humana is expected to help Heal expand its reach into several other cities such as Houston, Chicago, Charlotte, and many others.

The home visits seem like a godsend, especially for elderly patients. It is always an uphill task for older people getting to health facilities. Heal makes it easier for them to access Medicare.

In addition to the company expanding its reach, the partnership will also enable the company to grow its team. It is currently hiring for product, marketing, and engineering roles across the country.

The company accepts payments with Medicaid in its quest to improve access to healthcare for all people.

CEO and co-founder, Nick Desai said the partnership with Humana should help them open doors to better healthcare.