Kevin Hart’s Height


Kevin Hart's Height

Born on 6 July 1979, is today’s king of comedy, actor, and producer, Kevin Hart.

Kevin has been in the limelight since 2001, after filming in a television series titled “Undeclared.”

Besides his matchless acting skills, people could quickly identify him due to his short stature.

As a result, most of his fans would make jokes about his shortness, as would his workmates.

Luckily, the 5 feet and 4 inches standup comedian had already come to terms with his lack of height. Resultantly, people’s words would not get him down, neither affect his self-esteem.

Even more shocking is that the ever-optimistic comedian took advantage of his height to rib his fans.

Among his creative jokes about his height, was when he told one of his interviewers that he is 5 feet and 4 ½ inches tall and emphasizing to the audience not to forget the ½ inch, drawing even more attention to it.

Besides using his height to make jokes about, the comedian has gone public and poured out his heart to how he feels about his size.

Being amongst the shortest Hollywood actors, Kevin made it clear in his interview with Oprah Winfrey, that his height wasn’t a thing that troubled him.

He made it known that he is confident with his height and doesn’t feel the need to change.

Further, he made it clear that he cares more about his personality than his height. He prefers to have the best character over being the tallest person in the world. He ended the interview with the current commonly used quote, that it is your confidence that determines who you are.

Yet again, in another interview, he encouraged everyone to roll with their body sizes and embrace it. Also, he made it clear that he wouldn’t be today’s Kevin Hart without his impressive 5 feet and 4-inch height.

Moving, to his relationships, the difference in height with his spouses is still evident. His wife Eniko is several inches taller than he is.

The only time Kevin Hart’s height came even close to Eniko’s height, was when they stood together in 70s era costumes. That is only because Kevin wore over 3-inch platform shoes, which brought him closer to his wife’s height.

Nonetheless, the fact that he embraces his short stature and never feels down among taller people, is a lesson from which to learn. It is no secret that bodily insecurities have kept the self-esteem of most affected, and even worse, ended many relationships.