Make the Most Out of Your Backyard with Pergola


Pergola is a patio roof found mainly in the big garden, backyard, or outdoor spaces. It extends your home’s living space and provides your outdoor space shelter against too much sunlight, heavy rain, and strong winds. It has rafters, beams, and posts that can be attached and detached to your house. 

There is a common confusion between pergolas and gazebos, but you can differentiate the two by looking at its roof. A gazebo has a pitched roof, while a pergola has a flat roof. A pergola can serve as your outdoor receiving area where you can entertain your guests and enjoy your home’s outdoor space.

Professional carpenters best do a pergola because of their expertise in building structures from scratch, and they know the appropriate materials to use for your design pergola.

You can get carpenter quotes to get advice and start building your pergola right on time and on budget. How much does it cost to get carpenters at work? You can negotiate for a price that is reasonable for your desired style of a pergola. But before anything else, here are the things you need to consider before working on your pergola.


The orientation is important because it identifies the placement of your pergola. You have first to determine its position, whether north, east, west, or south. It depends mainly on the available space in your area.


Plywood, metals, glass, and prefabricated materials are mainly used for building pergolas. The materials you should use must be preferably durable and sustainable for your pergola to stay strong and resistant to calamities.


Budget is one of the essential things that you have to consider when planning to have a pergola in your backyard or outdoor space. You have to make sure that your preference suits your budget, and you must have a reserved budget for necessary adjustments.


It is hard to build your pergola if you do not have enough knowledge and experience building structures. It is best to hire carpenters who can do the work professionally and efficiently.

It is wise first to get carpenters quotes to know the nearest carpentry services in your area, and it allows you to negotiate your preference and budget.

Pergola Ideas

There are different styles and designs of pergola that you can choose from to fit best in your outdoor space. Here are some pergola ideas that you can consider.

1. Southwestern Patio

It is a courtyard-style patio that can connect a portion of your house directly to your outdoor space. It does not only secure your home to your outdoors, but it also gives you a chance to cut on air conditioning by having dinner and bonding time outdoors. The free-flowing breeze will serve as your natural cooler.

2. Mid Century Ranch Pergola

A midcentury ranch pergola is directly connected mainly on the side of a room in your house. It means that if you want to spend time outdoors, it is just a few steps from your door. You can extend your room area relaxation by putting comfortable chairs and pillows to make your pergola a part of the comfort of your room.

3. Light-Filtering Pergola

You can put a light-filtering pergola in the part of your household where there is an abundant ray of sunlight. It lets you enjoy under the sun without allowing excessive sunlight to damage you and your skin. It filters out sunlight for you to enjoy a bright sunny day outdoors. You can spend time reading or simply just relaxing on a sofa under your light-filtering pergola.

4. Hideaway Pergola

Hideaway pergolas are mostly built at the back of a house. You can have your hideaway pergola connected at your backdoor. It allows you to have a personal hideaway space if you need a break or a moment of relaxation. You can put a small bed or even a bathtub. You can put anything that aids your relaxation while staying in your hidden outdoor space.

5. Greenwich Pergola

A Greenwich pergola is primarily an outdoor dining area surrounded by plants and greenery. It gives a nature-friendly vibe and a moment of intimate relaxation by connecting you to nature. It enhances your landscape and allows you and your family to have an outdoor experience while connecting to nature.

6. Pergola in a Small Space

If you have a small space in your backyard or landscape, you do not need to worry about where you will put your pergola. It is possible to have a pergola in a small space without sacrificing the purpose it serves for your family. A pergola in a small area does not mean that it is less than the other pergola styles. In fact, it maximizes your outdoor space and gives significant purpose in the small space that you might overlook. Small pergolas can be aesthetically pleasing despite being low in the required budget.

7. Urban Escape

An urban escape is a rustic or traditionally designed pergola that allows you to have a mini escape from the city. It can be built in the hidden or most quiet part of your landscape. Its purpose is primarily to give people intimate personal time and space to relax or contemplate. The size of an urban escape pergola mainly depends on its placement in your backyard or landscape. It can be an area for relaxation, devotion, and other activities that requires a quiet and solemn space.