Matthew Kevin Anderson


Matthew Kevin Anderson is a Canadian actor. He belongs from Vancouver and is a bit secretive type of person. His date of birth, age, and most of the physical stats, family, and educational background are unknown to the public. Besides, being an influential actor, he is also known for having exceptional writing skills.

Matthew Kevin Anderson’s Bio

Matthew Kevin Anderson

Looking for some more information about Matthew Kevin Anderson? Don’t worry if you can’t gather facts about the Canadian actor. Here we are going to tell you some exciting facts about Matthew, which you haven’t learned before. So, bear with us and read the remaining post.

Career Success and Net Worth

Matthew Anderson is one of the famous Canadian actors who rose to stardom for his exceptional acting skills in Trick and Treat (2007), Paper (2013), and Old Brodsky (2013). Apart from these movies, he has also participated in several other films. Some of his best movies are; Me Woody, Charlie: Andy, Deeper Mark, Death Note: Young Adult.

He has also appeared in various shows. His first television show was on-aired in 2003 while his last show was The Arrangement in 2017.

His projects show how vast his career is. He has been in this field for a long time. There isn’t any detail about any rewards he has won. However, we can tell you about his net worth.

He is definitely a money maker as his net worth proves this too. His net worth is $1.4 million.

Is Matthew Anderson Married?

Matthew Anderson is divorced. His first marriage proved to be a failure, and since his separation, he hasn’t been in any relationship.

Matthew married the Canadian TV actress Jewel Staite in 2003. But after seven years of living together, the couple realized that they took their marriage further and filed for divorce in 2011.

His wife Jewel got engaged to Charlie Ritchie. The duo welcomed a son soon after their engagement and tied the knot in July 2016.

Matthew Anderson’s Social Media Presence

Matthew is active on social networking platforms. He has a Twitter as well as Instagram account too. He frequently uses Instagram than Twitter and shares his everyday life stories. He has more than 3K followers on Instagram.

He’s a peace-loving person as in one of his posts he supports the slogan of Black lives Matters.