Michael Wayans


If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, then we are quite sure that you have heard of the exceptionally talented Wayans family. Well, Michael Wayans belongs to the family of Marlon Wayans, Damon Wayans, and Shawn Wayans.

Michael Wayans Bio

Michael Wayans


Michael is the son of Damon Wayans Sr., who is famous for his comedy and acting career. Furthermore, the man was an outstanding composer as well!

Mike turned 35 this year. His birthday is on the 28th of March. Michael was born to Damon Wayans and Lisa Thorner in 1985 March 28 in the LA (Los Angeles), California of USA (United States of America).

Family Life

Being the son of a famous stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and producer, and just like all the other Wayans, Michael also had decided to join the industry. If you are interested in his family then here are all the people Michael is connected to:

  1. Lisa Thorner (Mother)
  2. Damon Wayans (Father)
  3. Diedre Wayans
  4. Elvira Wayans
  5. Nadia Wayans
  6. Kim Wayans
  7. Vonnie Wayans
  8. Shawn Wayans
  9. Dwayne Wayans
  10. Keenen Ivory Wayans
  11. Marlon Wayans

In short, you get a big list of famous and talented people. Michael has an older brother, Damon Wayans Jr. (born in 1982), and two other younger sisters, Cara Mia Wayans (born in 1982) and Kyla Wayans (born in 1991).

Personal Life

Vanessa Simmons is the daughter of the infamous rapper Joseph “Rev Run”. And Vanessa’s father goes by other aliases such as DJ Rev, etc. Already having a famous father, Vanessa had also pursued a career in the limelight. She has been a celebrity from 2005 and is famous as an actress and a TV personality.

Both of them have been together for quite a long time. And, in 2014, February 13, Michael Wayans and Vanessa Simons were gifted with a beautiful angel. They named here Ava Marie!


The American actor Michael Wayans is also renowned as a gifted stand-up comedian, just like his father. Born in LA (Los Angeles County) in California of the United Stater, Michael belongs to the infamous Wayans family. Yes, he belongs to the famously talented Wayans family!

Michael, also known as Mike, has done some remarkable works in the industry. Some of his noteworthy works are “Blankman”, “Dance Flick”, and “My Wife and Kids”.

Amazingly, Mike had debuted in the movie industry when he was 9 years old. Plus, his first movie was from his father’s movie called Blankman. Therefore, in 1994, the 9-year-old Mike had done some impressive acting jobs.

After that, in 2009, he appeared in a comedy movie called Dance Flick. In this movie, several of his family members were also featured, such as Marlon Wayans, Damon Wayans Jr., and Shawn Wayans.

However, Michael was had gained the highest fame while doing a series. The series lasted for three years straight (2001 to 2003), and was called “My Wife and Kids”.

Michael Wayans Net Worth

Just like any other famous star, Mike has quite a heavy bank statement. It is estimated that the total net worth of the star is around 2.5 million dollars that he had earned throughout his acting career.