Quick ways to give your house a modern farmhouse vibe


The contemporary interior decors embody a blend of rustic and sleek charm, which a farmhouse theme can achieve quickly. People tend to fall in love with it, whether they live close to the sea, desert plain, or farm. Even amid a bustling city life, this particular design concept enables them to breathe fresh air into the most mundane views. After all, it approaches traditional styles with a modern twist, creating a trendsetting pattern for everyone to enjoy. If you want, there are some easy solutions to leverage contemporary farmhouse ideas.

How to replicate modern farmhouse décor ideas in the house?

Add plenty of textures everywhere

The essence of this interior theme is its welcoming and cozy nature that textures can conveniently evoke. You need to think about the selection of flooring, wall art, furniture, and decorative when mixing textures. For instance, you can buy different pillows in leather and faux fur for the couch. It can look incredible against a smooth backdrop of a stone fireplace or hardwood floor. You can add rugs at some places for warmth.

Play with industrial accents

If you want to take farm theme a notch above, consider ways to incorporate industrial touches in a subtle form. A concrete-style patio, exposed ceiling beams, and brick walls can help this matter as they possess an inescapable raw and natural feel. Interior experts say that exposed brick always works in industrial farmhouse background as it allows you to highlight things to perfection. Besides, metal furniture and lightings can also come in handy in lending modern hints.

You can use exposed light bulbs without any trimmings for their chic and straightforward appearance and combine them with wooden decorations that resemble outdoor elements. These can include antique wheel or wooden crate, etc. The whole setup can be unique.

Opt for contrasts

You can also capture the spirit of the farmhouse theme through contrasts. When you talk about modern farmhouse décor, you already agree to choose a mix of old and new to taste a classical touch amidst a trendy atmosphere. So, it makes sense to explore wood accents and mixing them up. For instance, you can buy an affordable vintage coffee table for a quick revamp. Along with this, you can create a gallery wall with vignettes and wooden frames. Below the wall can be a cute little sofa.

In the end, your whole goal should be to have a relaxed atmosphere with a dash of luxury. From metal stools to modern cabinets to soothing colors, you can utilize them to succeed in your mission. You can also imagine about farmhouse style kitchens with apron stainless steel sinks. The metallic look of the sink in apron front design doesn’t just look eye-catching but functional too. Some homeowners choose a vintage island and distressed stools to round off this look, which seems flawless.

Get some greenery or create a mini garden

Another fantastic way to dig into farmhouse charm is to add a bit of greenery inside. You can check the collection of indoor plants, such as spider, ivy, and pothos. Place them in the empty nooks and corners where you are not sure what you can introduce. People have started using the concepts of the herb garden and bonsai tree because of their air-filtering properties. Some also show interest in building a wall garden in a tiny space where natural light is not an issue. It feels superb. You can also bring these elements indoors to make your home more comfortable looking.

Experiment with hardwood floors

This single choice can make a lot of difference to the entire space. Hardwood flooring can enhance the beauty of any home, and when you apply it in a farmhouse-inspired theme, it looks just awesome. However, it is not only the appearance that deserves all praise. Cleaning and maintenance are also considerable aspects. You don’t have to struggle to keep it clean as dirt and stains don’t stick to its surface, unlike the carpets. It can seem even more practical if you have pets at home. Vacuum cleaning the hair that your furry buddy shed feel easy.

However, you have to be careful with your selection of the hardwood floor. You can have two broad choices, engineered hardwood VS solid hardwood. If you have a budget, you can go with solid hardwood for sure. Otherwise, engineered hardwood can also serve your purpose. You don’t need to doubt its durability. Plus, it can be moisture- and water-resistant too.

Maintain simplicity all over

Don’t get carried away with the endless possibilities that a modern farmhouse theme can throw open at you. This specific style or design has to do with functionality in the end. If you put too many things, the whole idea of having this theme can get defeated. Your house can look cluttered. Hence, no matter what you select, make sure to ask yourself why you want to incorporate it. You need to understand whether a specific element will enhance the décor or be just another addition. For instance, when you decorate the space with a plant, you know it can energize it with fresh air and energy.  So, focus on collecting objects, which are not just decorative. They should have practical use as well.

Everyone admires farmhouse-inspired interiors for their chic and practical appeal imbued with traditional hints. If you want to make your home a cozy nest without any drama, you can also take its advantage. Adding a few thoughtful features, such as a farmhouse kitchen sink, indoor plants, metal stools, wooden accents, and others, can be more than enough to mimic this style of décor. That is to say, no matter whether you go full-scale or implement minor changes, the trendy farm theme can make your house refreshing and comfortable. It can make your modern lifestyle easy to lead and enjoy.

So, what are your décor plans? Farmhouse homes exude comfort, utility, and warmth, something that every dweller seeks in their day-to-day living. And the best thing is you don’t need to spend a massive sum to get this look.