Rustam Gilfanov: 5 main trends in the sphere of artificial intelligence


The pandemic has accelerated the use of artificial intelligence in everyday life. According to McKinsey’s “The State of AI in 2020” survey, half of the respondents said that their organizations had implemented AI in at least one function. IT businessman and investor Rustam Gilfanov tells us what we should pay attention to in 2021.

“The pandemic and lockdown will still affect the work of companies as well as people’s lives. Therefore, the importance of artificial intelligence will only grow. It will turn into a tool for automating everyday tasks,” Mr.Gilfanov says.

Trend 1. AI independence

There will be more solutions that detect IT problems. They will be self-regulating, capable of proactive debugging and troubleshooting. According to Mr.Gilfanov, this will allow companies to allocate their resources to projects with a higher priority.

Trend 2. The growing popularity of AI in cybersecurity systems

AI and machine learning help us identify threats. In smart home systems, technologies will study the habits of residents to detect threats from outside.

Trend 3. Demand for AI that can be controlled with voice or language

The growth of the remote work sector contributes to the active integration of neuro-linguistic programming and automatic speech recognition (ASR) capabilities, particularly in call centers. As customer contacts are checked for quality and feedback, companies are increasingly interested in applying AI to perform quality checks and understand customer intentions.

Trend 4. Symbiosis of cloud technologies and AI

AI will play a crucial role in the adoption of cloud technologies. Monitoring and managing cloud resources, as well as data volumes in companies, will be supported by the activation of artificial intelligence resources.

Trend 5. Focus on the ethical side of AI

International partnerships share expertise on how to use AI to solve global problems, ensure inclusiveness and diversity, stimulate innovation and the growth of progressive solutions. According to Mr.Gilfanov, data transparency and the fairness of algorithms are just a few examples of the urgent problems of AI ethics.

Brief CV (Author Bio)

Rustam Gilfanov is a co-founder of an IT company, IT businessman, and international investor.

In 2006, Rustam Gilfanov, together with his partners, opened an international IT outsourcing company in Kyiv. Today, this company is the largest developer of software for the gaming, marketing, and finance industries.