The relevance of data protection during work from home during the pandemic – Mike Giannulis shares important tips


Life during the pandemic is challenging! And to adding to that, currently, the cybersecurity professionals are increasingly reporting a rise in scamming and hacking. Today, several business firms and companies have sanctioned work from home to maintain social distancing rules. Employees and business owners probably are working on less secure systems. And the constant sharing of business information makes it necessary for businesses to pay ample attention to data security.

Easy steps suggested by Mike Giannulis

Do you run a start-up or small business? Are you concerned about keeping your company data safe? If yes, then Mike Giannulishighlights a few easy and effective steps:

  1. Assess the VPN

Most employees have to use a VPN for signing into their system and have access to company data. That doesn’t indicate that VPNs are secure and updated. According to research, several corporate VPNs have system vulnerabilities that their IT teams take time to resolve. Hackers and cybercriminals will find vulnerable endpoints to steal sensitive data and cause havoc in your business. It is essential to update and patch the systems and make sure that systems get updated frequently.

  1. Update the remote work policies

Remote work policies are useful until such time they are relevant. Most business houses with a private work policy delay upgrades for over a year. Do you resonate with it? If yes, then it is time for updates. Take time to explain to your employees all the security protocols for accessing company data. And address the loopholes present and system security issues that might occur while employees are working from home. For instance, employees might log out from the system without logging in from their work email, leading to security breaches.

  1. Take time to train the team

Employee training is necessary to keep your business data safe! According to a few IT decision-maker study, around 40% realized that cybersecurity training is essential for an organization’s cyber safety. Most phishing scams and cyber attacks occur from a minute human error. Do you offer phishing prevention training and data security manuals only once a year? If yes, then you need to increase the frequency based on the current findings. That will ensure that employees are working safely from home, and no corporate data gets compromised.

  1. Get conservative

Data, especially the ones that relate to the pandemic outbreak, is getting classified as personal information. And this data will get scanned under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Keeping in mind all the other factors mentioned above, you need to get care before storing this kind of data. It is essential to take a substantial audit of the data you keep and know the same reason. And if you find out that it’s not crucial for your objective, you need to eliminate it from the protocol.

Your company data is essential for business development and other mission-critical projects. It is necessary to keep it safe and secure during this pandemic and other times as well. The strategies mentioned above can help to secure your essential business data.