Top 9 Online tools that are very helpful for students


Student life is one of the greatest times periods of our lives. Most of us learn and enjoy, while others lack behind due to financial issues, parenting issues, and lack of being productive.

Technology has revolutionized the way our education is perceived. Technology has made the education sector revive itself as a relief, flexibility, more productive, and even confusing for some.

As we all know our new generation is backed up with the digital world, it’s hard to ignore the fact that some of these students are more productive in their classrooms while others are lacking behind.

Reasons students lack behind in their educational growth

  • Due to financial issues
  • Lack of using technology
  • Not using the developed tools that can make them productive
  • Due to poor backgrounds
  • Due to lack of interest
  • Due to a lack of confidence
  • Due to different reading issues such as dyslexia
  • Due to medical issues
  • Due to any physical disabilities and etc.

Nowadays many parents are acknowledging and encouraging their children to use tools that can improve their productivity in their educational career.

When we go searching for the best tools over the Internet, it seems a very challenging task.

No doubt the internet world is flooded with tons of tools, so for parents as well as students, it’s quite hard to find the best tools that can really give impactful results.

Further in this article, we are going to discuss the top 9 online tools that are very helpful for students.

Top 9 online tools that are very helpful for students

  1. Gradesaver

Gradesaver is one of the top tools that can certainly give you the best guides written by top authors and students, that seems the best suite for any assignment.


  • A large database of study guides
  • A variety of textbook answers, such as mathematics, chemistry, biology
  • Expert editing for a host of writing projects
  • Sample essays
  • Special assistance in writing scholarship essays, thesis, papers
  • Different types of question and answers forum.

  1. Google Docs

Google docs are one of the most essential tools that enable students or users to write any form of text and create it as a document with a variety of styles and formats.


  • It allows synchronizing the documents over any device
  • Even if our internet gets disconnected, it saves the changes automatically
  • We can store or convert our documents in Microsoft Word or Google Docx
  • Editing becomes very easy, we can share it with our classmates or teachers to make the necessary changes
  • Built-in styles and formats of different templates to make our assignment look more creative.

  1. Prepostseo

The plagiarism checker is one of the best productivity tools for any student.

Many of us have to go through writing research papers or thesis during our high schools, educational bodies disapprove any plagiarized papers, so for this purpose.

We need to properly check our papers before submitting through the plagiarism checker tool.


  • It detects any plagiarized text of our thesis while comparing it with other online published papers
  • It helps in removing any grammatical or misspelling mistakes before finally submitting it
  • It highlights plagiarized text
  • According to its algorithm it shows the result in a metric, showing how much percentage of our research is plagiarized
  • It shows the exact source in real-time to compare and check the source being copied.

So before finally submitting any assignment, thesis or papers make sure to check the plagiarism, or else this can destroy our educational career.

  1. Coursera

Why not learn a new skill? Coursera is a reliable online resource, offering thousands of online courses from the top universities around the world.


  • A number of Short courses available for 4-6 weeks
  • It gives access to high-quality course materials
  • It gives access to thousands of informational videos
  • It gives access to discussion forums
  • We can pace the speed of courses according to our best needs
  • It also includes paid courses resulting in after completion certificates.

  1. Codeacademy

Thinking of launching a coding career? Well, Codeacademy is the must-have tool it allows us to learn the coding from A to Z for all experience levels.


  • A proper guidance on how to start coding
  • A roadmap of how to become an expert in the coding world
  • It allows applying codes
  • It allows testing our codes
  • Real-time feedback for improving our coding knowledge
  • Gives access to all the major web development language courses
  • It helps in finding dream jobs in the coding world
  • Up to date coding database with one of the best coding experts from around the world.

  1. Canva

Many times as a student we have assignments or thesis to submit, well these thesis or assignments demand charts, graphs, pictures and etc.

Canva is the best option when coming to create those thesis or research papers into a creative and visual friendly experience.


  • It allows creating professional-looking visual presentations in just minutes
  • Built-in templates, easy to use even for the beginners
  • Drag and drop options to easily add or remove anything
  • Helps in adding graphs and charts to illustrate our assignment in a better way
  • It helps in creating design specific materials.

  1. com

Bookwormhub is one of those free productivity tools that is created to tackle mindboggling loads of assignments.


  • It allows the students to submit assignments for free
  • Very helpful in dealing with challenging home works
  • A professional team is available 24/7 to help us with any query related to assignments
  • From mathematics to biology many experts are available online to help us on any related task.

  1. Khanacademy

Khanacademy is one of those free productivity tools that is created for supplemental help on educational course material of K-12.


  • It allows the students to search related to any topic
  • Navigation and user interface is very simple
  • Courses are categorized according to the grades
  • Trusted content for everyone without any cost
  • Top-notched learning material available
  • Built-in visuals are beautifully designed that even a 5th standard student can also understand the content
  • It offers personalized learning by learning at our own pace.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is a popular choice among online resource tools it’s essential for students in high schools as they can enhance their skills and learn some extra courses which can help them to land up in dream jobs.


  • Experts are available to teach mathematics to humanities
  • Famous experts and authors are available to assist us with any learning material
  • Personalized learning, we can learn the courses according to our time schedules
  • Widely recognized learning resource across the world for teachers and students
  • After completing any paid course we can get the completion certificate