US Lifts Advice to Avoid all Foreign Travel Due to the Pandemic?


Remember a ban that the US issued to its citizens against traveling to all other countries in March? Well, the ban is now lifted, and President Donald Trump decided to inspect countries on a case basis.

What does this even mean? US citizens can travel, depending on how effective a country is in combating the virus.

Warning Levels?

Though the US is still leading in the number of infections and deaths caused by Corona Virus, it still lifted the travel ban.

The countries of travel were put in a case to case basis, so the higher risk of the virus in a country gave it a different level from one that had successfully contained the virus.

Let’s dive into examples; As we all know, Taiwan is among the countries that really impressed the world with effective measures of controlling the virus. Countries in its category are deemed safe for travel, hence in Level 1.

Most European countries, including allies of the US, such as the UK and Germany, are still on the management process of the virus. Therefore, it is still not a safe region to travel. However, President Trump categorized these countries as Level 3 Countries. Americans can go to these countries, but ultimate caution is necessary.

Countries where the rise of the pandemic is still high, such as India, are in Level 4. Citizens should avoid them altogether.