Top 7 Most In-Demand Jobs of the Future


With the surge in Covid-19 cases globally, an automatic shift in the working sector became obvious. People lost jobs, while others had an increase in the demand for their skills and expertise.

We are heading on a trip to a few of the most in-demand jobs of the future. How does that concern you? Some of these are pretty easy to learn. All you need is yourself and an internet connection.

  1. Workout Training Jobs

Now that circumstances force everyone to stay home and avoid more of social places, gyms’ closing down is no news. Worse still is that just staying home is working against fitness goals; you will eat more and work less.

However, if you are a workout instructor, all is not lost on you; people are in dire need of your services.

Workout equipment sale is on the rise, and what does that mean? You can grab the opportunity. Just register on YouTube, or get a workout channel that is in need of more trainers.

Guess what? You may end up earning more than in the physical gym, while spending less. In any case, you don’t spend on clients’ equipment, while the client base is wider.

  1. Tech Skills

Are you a system engineer, software/website developer, cyber security expert, database administrator or an expert in any other tech related department? The future is bright for you, as you must already know.

Companies are shifting from physical to digital. Some did not even have a digital platform. Those who did, well, they did not have it developed much in anticipation for the work-from-home basis.

  1. Healthcare Sector Jobs

Probably the most in-demand jobs today, healthcare is one sector you can now place your bet on. Whether as a lab technician, a nurse, a healthcare advisor, nutritionist, or a clinical doctor, these jobs are on the rise.

Both private and public hospitals flooding with patients, the healthcare workers are on demand. To top it up, even hospitals without the Covid cases are equipping themselves with more staff.

Even in future, this will be necessary for hospital preparations.

  1. Online Writing/ Data Entry/ Virtual Assistant Jobs

Data is among the backbones of companies. For a company to progress, accurate data has to be in the company system. But data being among tasks that can be done by anyone and from anywhere, companies are using business process outsourcing (BPO). Hence, if you have some data knowledge, its time you put it to work.

With people currently sourcing for information online, what do you expect? This increases the demand for online articles and content, hence a bright light for online writers.

Virtual assistant jobs are also on the rise. Even though companies closed down, their products are still in the market. And since they need people to help potential clients, the opportunities arise.

  1. Virtual Teaching

Kids going back to school? Not every parent is up for that. What is the alternative? Virtual learning. If you are good at teaching, having an online teaching account will come in handy in the future.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Now that you cannot go to people’s houses and offices to advertise products and services, you still have an option left. That is, reaching clients where you will get them all together; social media. Social media marketing is currently a major way to get clients, hence highly adopted by companies.

  1. Online Store Workers

Online stores are the most convenient places to purchase groceries and other household items. Whether you are in customer care or delivery, you are the most important person for ensuring daily household running.

Bottom Line

If you are among those whose skills were nullified by the pandemic, quit sulking and pick up yourself.

Make lemonade out of lemon by grabbing these opportunities. Even if not an expert, the fact that no one knows when this will ever be over makes it sensible to invest in one of the skills above.