What Industries Are Good to Get into in Texas?


It is a popular statement that everything is bigger in Texas, and industry is no exception. Therefore, industries in Texas are large and stable, and people often associate Texas with a steady job market because of their popular industries. Below is a list of the most popular industries in Texas, all of which continue to grow. 

Petroleum and Natural Gas

The petroleum and natural gas industries have become increasingly popular over the years, especially in Texas. Several positions require little education, but experience and “on-the-job learning” are very important when applying for these jobs. As a result, many high schools and post-high school education facilities, such as technical schools, started to incorporate oil and gas extraction as a field of study. 

Supervisor positions such as petroleum engineers and geologists do require a college degree in some geological studies, but if geology, sustainability, or energy interest you, then going into the field of natural gas and petroleum could be a great option. 


People need a place to keep their money, and they always will. The banking industry in Texas is a large one, but it is also a safe one. Sometimes industries blow up in certain areas, but then they decrease in popularity shortly after. Banking is a career path that will always be necessary and comes with certain job stability that can be hard to find in most places. 

Some banking jobs do require a college education. For example, positions in management and financial operations require a bachelor’s degree in business administration. 

Real Estate 

Real estate isn’t the biggest industry in Texas, but it is one of the most up-and-coming industries. Cities in Texas such as Houston and Austin attract tourists looking to relocate, and these tourists end up exploring living options in the city. There are several apartments in Houston that people are showing interest in due to the price of living. 

The market in Texas is what’s known as a cool market. The prices are low, and they don’t predict huge spikes soon. This means that buyers are interested in homes for the price, and rates should remain consistent unless something happens. 


As of 2012, the top two grossing agricultural products in Texas were cotton and livestock, specifically cattle. The farming opportunities in Texas are endless because so is the land. Outside of the cities, a vast majority of Texas is used as farmland so that an experienced farm help could be used just about anywhere in Texas. 

The great part about the farming industry is that you never needed a degree from an institution of higher education. Farming is a family business most of the time, and if you need to find a new place to take your family and continue in that business, Texas is a great place. 


If you and your family are looking to relocate to a state with ample job opportunities and industry, Texas is the place to do it. Not only are all of these industries more than stable and offer long-term job stability, but they also continue to grow because of Texas’s increasing popularity.