When to Move Your Elderly Parents to a Different Care Home


Having elderly parents can be a worry and it is likely that your family have invested a lot of time into finding the right place for them to move to when they need the additional support a care facility can offer. Society views this as their last home, a place to enjoy their golden years, and everyone involved hopes it will be a happy experience. However, this is not always the case.

Signs Your Elderly Parent May Be Unhappy

The adjustment to living in a care facility after a lifetime of independence is huge and for some seniors it can come as a shock. They may vocalize their unhappiness to you or to staff caring for them. Signs of deterioration such as losing weight or not eating can also be a warning that they are unhappy. Refusal to cooperate may occur. If you have concerns about the welfare of your parents, speak to the staff who care for them in the first instance.

Looking for an Alternative Care Home

In most cases, working alongside care home staff to find ways to make seniors happier in their new living situation is successful. However, there may be reasons you need to look for an alternative place for your parents to live. This could be due to concerns about the level of care provided, your parents safety or, in rare cases, abuse or neglect.

Moving an elderly parent to a different nursing home can be stressful for all involved. For your parent, they might struggle to adapt to a change in routine and environment that comes with moving, especially if they have settled well and the move is enforced due to abuse or neglect. Families might feel guilt for choosing a care home that, for whatever reason, hasn’t been the right choice.

When looking for a new care facility, spend time with the staff who will be caring for your loved one and ask questions to ensure they can provide what you are looking for. Check policies and paperwork and ask directly about any complaints or allegations that have been made.

In Cases of Abuse

If you believe your parent has been abused in their care home, seek advice from a legal professional. Specialists in this field such as a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer will be able to offer you a consultation to discuss your individual case. Their experience can be tailored towards your specific situation and allow you to follow the best route to justice and compensation.

Whatever your reason for needing to move your parent to a different nursing home, trust your gut instinct. Seniors are vulnerable members of society and may need their family to advocate on their behalf. Know you are doing all you can to support them and that it is for their own safety and wellbeing and be sure to get support yourself if necessary – remember this is a stressful time and you need to look after yourself to be able to provide your loved one the support they need.