Where is the best place to buy an Eames lounge chair?


Charles and Ray Eames designed the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman for Herman Miller in 1956. Charles and Ray Eames’ first chair for a high-end market featured a plywood and leather composition that was elegant and futuristic. Almost instantly, the design became a symbol of American design. In today’s world, these pieces live in museums and add comfort and style to interiors everywhere.

What you should consider while buying an Eames Lounge Chair

Ideal Eames lounge chairs should be hand-assembled with 7-ply veneer shells, individually upholstered cushions, die-cast aluminum bases and braces, and individually upholstered cushions. A swivel mechanism is built into the chair base, while rubber shock mounts provide durability. 

The three straight plywood shells of the chair: the seat, the backrest, and the headrest should be considered while buying one. 

To relieve weight on the lower spine, the chair’s seat should be permanently tilted. The lower cushion piece provides support to customer’s lower backs, allowing them to feel relaxed. Supporting a person’s chest to read, watch a movie, or converse more comfortably.


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Comfortable and durable

This type of chair will surely transform your house into a relaxed, stylish retreat no matter what type of swing you select. When you’re sitting in an Eames lounge chair, the only thing on your mind is how comfortable it is to stay put. Just like so many other pieces of furniture, the Eames lounge chair replica has made its way into living rooms because of its lightweight design and nearly indestructible plywood frames that can withstand wear and tear.

Customized chairs by experts

satonia.com sells all types of authentic, high-quality products, including the original design, but not limited to it! Here at Satonia, not only are we certified experts, but we also enjoy tailoring our services to each customer’s needs.

Perfect for every room

A timeless piece of design, the Eames lounge chair replica is ideal for your desk, living room, or den. The teak-stained beechwood frame and the kickstand add an elegant touch to the classic slipcovered chair.

Unparalleled craftsmanship

The chair is hand-made with great attention paid to the details. Shells are 7-ply veneers. Each cushion is upholstered individually and can be changed. Die-cast aluminum is used for both the chair and ottoman’s back braces and bases. A swivel mechanism is built into the chair base. Natural rubber is used to mount shocks. The stainless steel glides are adjustable.

Expansive options

A registered trademark has been granted to the Eames Lounge Chair Replica. This form, combined with the materials used for its creation, is a critical part of the experience delivered by the set. A range of sizes and veneers are available, as is a choice of leather upholstery or Mohair Supreme, a plush, 100 percent Mohair textile. Our workmanship and quality are guaranteed regardless of your choice.