Xavier University Receives Historic $20 Million Gift from Anonymous Donor


Xavier University, which is based in New Orleans, received a surprise gift of 20 million dollars. The mesmerizing news was announced on 28th July 2020 at the university.

The University is unique in several characteristics, including;

  • It is the only purely black student university in the country.
  • It is the only Catholic owned university in the country.

The $20 million giftsis the largest private donation that the university has received so far, marking a brighter beginning to its future.

The donation will be put in use to ensure that the university expands scholarships, increase faculty positions, and improve the institution in general. Further, it will increase the “capacity of learning in faculties such as pharmacy, medical sciences, Law and social sciences,” so were the words of the University President.

An impressive demonstration of support, the donation will not only enhance the institution but also empower more students admitted there.