5 Different Unsecured Personal Loan Options You Should Know About


For individual or business purposes, you may need a loan from banks or financial companies. You can apply for online installment loans in Utah for two types of personal loan- secured and unsecured loan.

The unsecured loans are granted without holding an asset of the borrower. Banks decide to confirm unsecured loans taking various factors into their consideration.

Higher interest rate

The risk of lending money without a mortgage is very high for the lenders for unsecured loans. Hence, banks or NBFCs impose higher interest rates. It helps the organization to symmetrize the risk at a quick pace.

Higher credit scores

The borrower needs a strong credit profile to apply for an unsecured loan. Banks collect much data to weight the borrower’s capability of returning the loan. Banks may grant unsecured loans to the person with low credit scores at higher interest rates.

5 different options

Based on the end use, you may apply for 5 different unsecured loan options. Check below shortlisted options and choose the right one.

Vacation Loan

A credit card is the most suitable as a vacation loan. This type of loan can cover the entire trip cost. However, various loans are granted as vacation loans. If you need expenses for shopping and eating, you better lend a revolving loan

Top-up loan

You may need an additional loan over and above an existing home loan. This extra loan is called a Top-up loan. Many people are not aware of the benefits of top-up loans and they take personal loans at higher rates for additional capital.

You can avail a top-up loan without additional papers if you have already taken a loan from the same bank. No verification or other processes are necessary, only a few updates may be asked. You will get a longer duration to pay back your top-up loans.

Business loan

Banks and other financing companies like to invest in business; the return is much more assured than other loans. Banks offer loans to improve infrastructures or buy machinery. Businesspersons also get loans for working capital.

Business loans are a great option for the entrepreneurs who do not own many assets. Business loan is similar to a revolving loan.

Consumer durable loan

In the digital world, gadgets and appliances are not a luxury anymore, these have become a part and parcel in our lives. Many people find it hard to manage cash for a necessary but expensive machine.

Banks are ready with consumer durable loans. You may avail a term loan or a revolving loan, loan options differ from bank to bank.

Wedding loan

People possess high hopes with their marriages. In some societies, the luxury of wedding is a status symbol and people have tried to save money from the very beginning of their childbirth.

Finance companies have made it easy now, you take the loan and pay on a monthly installment in a convenient way.

Final thoughts

Apart from the above options you may apply for loans including bridge loan, home renovation loan, festival loan, and many more. Based on tenure and repayment, you may find terminology like term loan, consolidation loan and revolving loan. Check with your bank in detail for the interest rate and other conditions before applying and get the right one.