6 Advantages of a Driveway Alarm


Having a home security system is not only good for your safety, but it will also increase the value of your home, as well as lower your home insurance rate. One way of making sure your home is safe is to install a driveway alarm. This type of alarm will do a good job of protecting your home at a low cost.

Up next are 6 advantages to having a driveway alarm:

1. Protects all the entry points to your home

Driveway alarms will help you identify intruders on your property. From unwanted people, vehicles, or animals, a driveway alarm will help you keep anyone (or anything) off your property.

2. Affordable security option

Security systems aren’t cheap, especially if you plan to cover your property with cameras and alarms. Driveway alarms from sellers like Absolute Automation provide a cost-effective option as they will protect the most important parts of your home. Besides, there are driveway alarms that fit any budget. From basic alarms to alarms with sophisticated features, there are many options to choose from. Also, a driveway alarm will only require a one-time payment and not a monthly subscription, like many home security systems.

3. Easy to install

Driveway alarms are very easy to install. This means you can do it yourself and save on installation costs. Also, these alarms come with different sensors that can be installed in different parts of your property. It doesn’t matter if you’re installing a wireless or a wired driveway alarm, these can be set up in a few minutes and you won’t need tools to install.

4. It will alert you of anyone on your property

Even if you aren’t concerned about trespassers on your property, your driveway alarm will give you a heads-up that someone or something is on your property. With multiple sensors installed, you can keep watch on different parts of your property. A driveway alarm will allow you to prepare before someone comes up to your door, giving you peace of mind.

5. Monitor and Record Activity

Most driveway alarm systems have their cameras connected to a cloud where all information is stored for up to a month. If you want to keep a longer record, you’ll have to pay a subscription. Cameras are good to monitor things that happen when you are not home. For example, if you find a dent in your mailbox, you can check the footage to see who was responsible for it.

6. Returning Home Safely

It’s good to come back home and know your driveway alarm is protecting you, even though you’re outside of your home. Many of these systems come with motion-activated lights, so when you get out of your car at night you won’t have to walk to your door in the dark. This is especially important in winter, when there might be icy conditions you’re not aware of. The driveway alarm lights will help you see any black ice or obstacles so you can avoid slipping.