Training Tables Vs. Traditional Desks – Which is the Better Choice?


Long periods of sitting have been linked to various health problems, including muscle stiffness and back pain. Sitting for too long can also reduce blood flow and increase the risk of heart disease.

Training tables have laminate worksurfaces that are easy to clean and come in various shapes. Some feature rounded edges and can be nested to save space when not in use.


A training table lets employees engage with the material in a way that rows of traditional desks don’t. These slender tables can be arranged in a classroom setup that mimics the look of a lecture to facilitate note-taking, worksheets, online activities, and quizzes. They also work well as dual-purpose conference room tables and come in various shapes to encourage discussion and group learning. Some even function as whiteboards to help brainstorm, outline, or communicate ideas on the fly.

These versatile training tables are usually lightweight and portable, making them easy to move when not in use. Some models have casters and can be locked in place when stationary, while others nest or stack to reduce the space they take up. Some even have a durable stand and surface for a laptop to make it easier to bring technology into the mix. And because they’re stocked in contemporary color laminates and have three mil Dura-Edge detailing, they’re an attractive addition to the office. Some also offer additional features like power grommets and digital cable management.


Training tables work well as dual-purpose meeting and conference furniture but are especially useful in learning environments. The slender rectangular tables can be arranged in rows to create a classroom setup or in a U-shape to encourage discussion among learners. They are available in many shapes and have laminate worksurfaces for durability and easy cleanup. Some offer rounded corners so that no one bumps into sharp edges and under mounting to connect tables lengthwise for longer layouts.

Some models have a whiteboard surface on the top for brainstorming and jotting down ideas quickly. Some also function as rolling desks, making them a great choice for professionals like engineers or robotics employees who need to draw diagrams on the fly. Others are stackable and nest to reduce the space they take up when not in use. Some even feature caster locks to keep the tables in place once they are at their desired location.

Space Saving

In contrast to traditional desks, training tables can be easily stacked or nestled when not in use to save space. This flexibility makes them a good choice for multipurpose rooms that will see a lot of activity.

Training tables can help save space by eliminating the need for bulky file cabinets that often occupy floor space. Instead, many training tables are built with a storage area where files can be kept neatly out of sight. Some even have a shelf above that is great for storing supplies or materials.

A training table is a versatile solution for classrooms and other workspaces that may require a mix of learning styles or a need to support multiple types of activities. They can be used in rows for a traditional lecture layout or in a U-shaped arrangement to promote discussion and group learning. Some are also available in circular shapes that can create a sense of equality for students during discussions or group work.

Whether you are looking for a space-saving option or one with more functional features offers a selection of training tables for every need and budget. From small to large, these tables are easy to move and designed to last. They feature a durable stand for a laptop that is easy to adjust to different heights and casters so you can roll the desk to where you need it. Some have a writeable surface that can be flipped over as a whiteboard for brainstorming or communicating ideas.


Often, training involves notetaking and other activities that require the need for a large, flat surface. Many training tables include a durable stand and cover for a laptop so employees can take notes, complete worksheets or online activities and take quizzes. They also come in various shapes and sizes to create a more open and collaborative space. Many models are portable too. Some stack and nest to reduce storage needs and are on casters for easy movement in a reconfigurable environment.

Some also function as whiteboards so employees can scribble ideas or flip the top to show their work. This saves the need for an audio-visual setup and helps foster team collaboration and communication. Many of these tables have power and digital cable features that provide convenient access to outlets for laptops and other devices.

Browse our wide selection of training tables to find the right fit for your workspace and budget. Our designs balance proven durability with the flexibility to adapt to changing work environments. Customize your configuration by choosing your preferred table size, shape, leg style, and color. You can even order these tables with laminate worksurfaces and rounded corners that minimize bumping into sharp edges.