6 Easy Ways To Recognize Your Past Life Soulmate


A soulmate is someone with whom you have a connection. Much attention has been paid recently to finding a soulmate who’s also a life mate, but this is neither necessary nor healthy. It’s very possible to deeply love and trust a spouse or life mate without feeling an initial soul connection, though they can come over time.

1) You Have No Barriers

When your past life soulmate shows up, you have no barriers to the connection. Humans grow a natural guard or a carapace over the years. We develop a wariness around new people and will often wait to see what the other does before we reach out. When your soulmate shows up, no barriers arise. There won’t be moments of wondering what they’re thinking or how they’re judging you, because your value to them is as a complete package. You know you have things about you that you’d like to fix, but they will be more accepting of you.

2) You Sense, But Don’t Fear Their Emotions

Part of our human carapace has formed because the emotional response of others has put us at hazard. An angry parent may have hurt you physically or emotionally, or a former romantic partner may have engaged in some form of abuse. While your soulmate will run the emotional gamut, just as you do, their emotions won’t put you at hazard. Your soulmate may be happy, sad, or just hungry. You’ll know it, but it won’t trigger you.

3) Values Align

Your soulmate probably voted as you do. You probably love, and hate, the same book genres, and movie types, even if you have different favorite actors and directors. Your houses may even be about the same size as you have the same need for comfort. You might also have the same hurts and the same level of passion. If you’re a dedicated minimalist with a studio apartment and a pod wardrobe, they may be an experiential minimalist with great backpacking gear and a roommate.

4) Communication is Fun and Easy

Your soulmate may finish your sentences, or look at you in surprise when you mention something because they were just thinking the same thing. The phrase, “I know, right? It’s just like. . .” crops up a lot in your communication. You trust their opinions and enjoy their viewpoint. You can also find that your soulmate is a fun person with whom you can play conversational ping-pong. You can bounce ideas around that seemingly have no connection to one another, but the connection thread exists for the two of you.

5) Differences Make New Paths, Not Barriers

Even if you differ hugely on some opinions, you can navigate this ground like a hard hiking path. There are lots of rocks and places you could fall, but you have a strong partner who can grab your hand and help you get your balance. You can have tough emotional conversations with respect and care because you have a deeply empathic connection. Many who hold strong opinions do so because of tough experiences. Those experiences can be hard to discuss with a stranger, but your soulmate will want to better understand both your joys and your pain points.

6) You Look Forward to Their Viewpoint

Your soulmate is someone who can give you perspective on the factors in your life that get in your way and tangle things up. Because they can sense your feelings, they’re a great sounding board when you get trapped in resistance. They can help you work through tough situations and experiences that lock you down emotionally. For example, if you have a consistent problem with a co-worker, your soulmate can shake up your perspective on how your actions and attitudes could be exacerbating the problem without blaming you. A soulmate who gets you understands the factors that get your back up. They can help you release the feelings that get you stuck.

A soulmate is someone who embraces and celebrates the history that has made you who you are right now. They’re also excited to see who you’re becoming. You can find your soulmate in a best friend, a lover, or a companion.

About the Author:

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