6 Ingenious Ideas to Make Any Room in Your House More Spacious


Let’s face it: no matter how big our home is, we often find ourselves wishing for a bit more space. Especially in a world where our living spaces are rapidly becoming more compact, every inch counts. The good news is that even if you can’t magically expand the square footage of your home, you can certainly make it feel more spacious. And how, you ask? By simply tweaking some elements of your home’s design and making smarter choices with the furniture and fixtures you bring in. Home renovation experts, whether for bathroom remodels or kitchen upgrades, can prove valuable in this regard. And don’t worry about the costs since it mostly depends on the scale of the project. If you’re in Tucson, for instance, bathroom remodeling costs an average of $36,000, depending on the size, material choices, finishes, etc.

So, whether you’re trying to make room for a growing family or want to breathe a little easier in your current space, here are some foolproof ways to give your home that open, airy vibe.

1. Bathroom: Tub to Shower Conversion

The bathroom is one of those rooms where you wouldn’t expect to find a lot of wasted space, but you’d be surprised. Traditional bathtubs, while lovely for a soak, take up a significant portion of the room. Switching to a shower, especially a sleek, modern design, can not only make your bathroom feel bigger but also give it a fresh, updated look.

Now, if you’re wondering about the process, don’t fret. Services such as Tucson tub to shower conversion services have made the transition a breeze. They understand the intricacies of the process and can ensure that your bathroom doesn’t just end up looking spacious but also functions optimally. Another advantage? You get a chance to play around with contemporary tiles and fixtures. Imagine stepping into a rainfall shower surrounded by beautifully patterned tiles. Not only do you get a spa-like experience, but you’ve also efficiently utilized every inch of your bathroom space.

2. Living Room: Multi-functional Furniture

The living room is the heart of many homes. It’s where families come together after a long day, where friends gather for movie nights, and where most of our downtime is spent. So, it makes sense that we’d want to make it as spacious and comfortable as possible. Enter multi-functional furniture. These are pieces that serve more than one purpose, ensuring you get more bang for your buck and more space to move around.

Consider sofa beds, for instance. By day, they’re just like any other sofa, offering a comfortable place to sit and chat. But come night, they transform into a bed, perfect for when you have guests over. It means you don’t need a separate guest room or bed, saving you a lot of space. Another popular choice is storage ottomans. At first glance, they’re just a place to rest your feet. But open them up, and you’ve got storage space for blankets, books, or anything else you want to keep out of sight. And don’t forget about coffee tables with drawers. Not only do they give you a place to set your drink, but they also offer hidden storage, making your living room look tidy.

3. Kitchen: Vertical Storage Solutions

The kitchen, for many, is a place of creativity and joy. But it’s also a place that can get cluttered quickly. Pots, pans, gadgets, and utensils – they all need a home. But instead of letting them take over your counters or stuffing them into already overflowing cabinets, why not look up? Yes, upwards. The vertical space in many kitchens remains vastly underutilized.

Open shelves are a great start. They allow you to store and display dishes, glasses, or those fancy spice jars. What’s more, they give your kitchen a modern, open feel, making it seem more spacious. Magnetic knife strips are another handy tool. Instead of a bulky knife block taking up counter space, your knives hang on the wall, easily accessible and safely out of the way. And don’t forget about hanging pot racks. They make reaching for that saucepan so much easier, and they free up cabinet space for other essentials.

4. Bedroom: Under-bed Storage and Elevated Beds

When it comes to bedrooms, comfort is king. But that doesn’t mean we should overlook potential storage solutions. In fact, one of the most overlooked spaces in most bedrooms lies right under our noses – or, more precisely, our beds. The space beneath our beds is often left untouched, gathering dust. Yet, it’s a prime spot for storage.

Elevated beds or beds with built-in storage compartments can be lifesavers for those pressed for space. Picture this: instead of cramming your off-season clothes into an overflowing wardrobe or letting them hog space in a separate storage room, you neatly pack them away under your bed. Easy to access, out of sight, and without taking up any additional room space!

If you don’t have a bed with built-in storage, don’t worry. Simple, roll-out storage bins can be easily placed under most standard beds. These bins are great for storing shoes, bags, or even extra bedding. By tapping into this underutilized area, your bedroom can be transformed into a haven of order and spaciousness.

5. Dining Room: Collapsible and Wall-mounted Tables

In many homes, the dining room is both a place of gathering and an area that’s not always in use. This duality makes it a perfect candidate for space-saving innovations. For homes that might not need a dining table set up all the time, collapsible and wall-mounted tables are game-changers.

Think about the possibilities: during the day or when not in use, the table can be folded back or put away, opening up a significant amount of room.

Alongside the table, chairs can also be optimized for space. Stackable or foldable chairs can be stored away when not needed. This way, your dining area can be versatile, catering to both everyday use and special occasions when more seating and table space is required.

6. Hallways and Corridors: Built-in Shelving and Recessed Nooks

Moving through homes, hallways, and corridors often feels like transitional spaces, merely areas that lead us from one room to another. But what if these spaces could offer more? Rather than just being paths, they can be transformed into functional and decorative areas.

Built-in shelves in hallways are perfect for books, photos, or decorative pieces, adding character to what would otherwise be a bland space. Recessed nooks can also be incorporated, offering a quaint spot to place a vase, sculpture, or even some indoor plants. Not only do these additions make the space functional, but they also introduce elements of personal style and decor.

Beyond aesthetics, the functional aspect is clear. Items that don’t have a specific place or room can find a home in these hallway setups. Instead of cluttering other spaces, items can be neatly arranged in these built-in solutions, helping keep your home tidy and ensuring every inch is used thoughtfully.


Creating space in our homes isn’t always about having a bigger floor plan. It’s about innovating and making intelligent design and furniture choices. From bathrooms to hallways, opportunities abound to make any room feel more spacious. By adopting these simple yet effective ideas, our living spaces can breathe easier, feel larger, and become more welcoming.