A Marketing Guide for New Real Estate Agents


Are you a real estate agent planning to start an agency? Setting up a real estate company is a great idea, mainly because everyone needs a home. However, with so much competition in the industry, you have to be smart in the business.

There are many housing companies in the industry. As a newbie, you have to set excellent business strategies to bring your business to the top. So, what should you do to get there? The following is a marketing guide to promote your real estate business.

1. Stay Connected On Social Media

If you want to be a successful real estate agent, ensure to create an account on several social media platforms. By creating an account, you are opening your business to digital marketing. You are in a better position to tell potential clients about your business efficiently.

You can create an account with the following social media platforms;

  • Facebook – The social media platform has millions of users. You will never know who you come across. Take great photos and videos about your business and share them with the public. Many users will view your content in the process, and if they are interested, they will get back to you.
  • Instagram – Just like Facebook, this social media platform is a great spot to do your marketing. Instagram is known to have a large number of users. You can take advantage of the situation and introduce your business to the users. Sharing great pictures and excellent videos about your agency will earn you potential clients.
  • YouTube – Nothing can captivate a potential client like an excellent presentation. Many internet users get on YouTube to search for videos depending on their needs. If you present your real estate agency on this platform, you may gain a lot of clients. Users may also share your content with other users they think might be interested.
  • Twitter – Every day, this social media platform witnesses a vast number of sign-ins and sign-ups. With your business in the open, you are sure to expand your agency. Ask a professional photographer to take pictures of what you are selling. Post the images on Twitter and get the attention of potential clients.

Additionally, you will see what other successful real estate agents are doing to get on top. Learning from the best can make you great. You may have excellent digital marketing strategies, but what else do you need to add to your ideas to spice up your marketing skills?

2. Get into Local Chambers of Commerce

As an Entrepreneur who wants to be successful, you should associate yourself with essential industry groups. Being a member of organizations comprising of local businessmen and women can boost your business.

Such Organizations are committed to great networking, which aims to promote the interests of the business community. Getting into these kinds of organizations will mean that many people in the association will recognize your business.

3. Volunteer in Local Works

Every entrepreneur has a passion for specific courses. As one of these businessmen and women, you can gain interests by participating in some of your passionate studies. During volunteering, you will meet different people in the fields. You can then share with them what you do.

 Alternatively, you can join these volunteering courses to build your foundation. When people see you attending these courses, they will be curious to find out what you do and why you decided to be part of the team. Other volunteers will share your work with the people they think might be interested.

Additionally, in the process of volunteering, you may hear about what is going on in your community, like projects that are underway. Take this opportunity to present your skills and show your community what you can offer.

4. Utilize Direct Mails

A perfect way to provide your market with updates on your business is by using direct mail marketing. Informing your community about your business plays a crucial role in your business’s success. All you have to do is choose a neighborhood you are familiar with, then send postcards to the residents.

Once the residents get the postcards, they will check what updates are available. If they are interested in your offers, they will get back to you. If the updates are significant to the market, people will start sharing with family and friends. Direct mail marketing increases the chances of your business exposure to the community.

5. Create a Great Website

Websites play essential roles in business. Internet users are always online looking for websites that will give them specific information. By creating a website, you are inviting massive traffic to your business.

There are many technology trends that you can use on your website to take your business to a great level. Get an expert to guide you through the process for great results. Once your website is ready, add high-quality images, and upload great videos.

Make your website inviting by creating compelling content. Add the information your potential clients may be looking for from the internet. Use advanced applications with great features to avoid any inconveniences.

6. Create Exceptional Business Cards

During your daily activities, you will meet a lot of people from different areas. Having business cards with you will be an excellent idea. Get a professional to design a great business card for your real estate agency.

Use these cards to promote your business wherever you go. Hand them out during your meetings, parties, and celebrations. Alternatively, you can have a small team of brand ambassadors to distribute the cards on commercial centers’ streets.

7. Maintain Good Communication Skills

Regardless of your field of business, having good communication skills is essential for your company’s success. A good entrepreneur listens to more and talks less. Listen to your clients and hear that their needs are. Ensure to maintain positive communication during disagreements with clients.

Additionally, always respond to your clients immediately. Remember that you are in business to find clients. If a client makes an effort to reach your company, don’t keep them waiting in line.


Getting into any business is not easy. You may encounter some challenges along the way, but that does not mean giving up is a solution. Success does not come easily. Therefore, you should always give your services to the fullest to achieve your dreams.