The dilemma of Oral Psoriasis: Symptoms and recovery


Many people consider psoriasis a skin ailment only, but you may not have an idea that Psoriasis is a disease that can occur in places you never thought it would and one such place in your mouth. Mouth ulcers sometimes take the form of oral Psoriasis. While oral psoriasis is not acute, but you may feel uneasy when you have it. While in most cases, psoriasis is a genetic factor, but it often results from stress, medication, excessive intake of alcohol, or nicotine. It is easy to treat oral psoriasis if the diagnosis is made at the right time, lest it can pose a serious issue. Since psoriasis in the mouth happens very rarely, doctors may not be able to identify it.

Signs that you may have oral psoriasis

The symptoms of psoriasis infection are very light. Thus, it is not easy to recognize. According to various studies, the symptoms can appear in different mouth areas and may come and go. Here are a few changes that you will notice in your mouth

  • Peeling skin
  • Change in taste, or tastelessness
  • Blisters on the inside of the cheek
  • Hotness and red mucus membrane area
  • Burning on the affected areas at the time of eating
  • Pain and inflammation in the affected area

Oral psoriasis also shows some signs on the skin. Your skin might have patches and pigmentation and may appear to be rough and scaly. The skin on your cheek may also get sore and inflammatory.


Psoriasis disease is controversial and is not easy to identify.Some oral physicians do not consider it as psoriasis. It is some other ailment according to their diagnosis. To find out if the infection in your mouth is a psoriasis ailment, your physical examiner might undergo a series of tests

  • You need to give a sample of your skin to undertake a closer examination known as a biopsy
  • The doctor may ask you the medical history of your family
  • He may also consider genetic factors and undertake genetic tests
  • He will count out other similar conditions that may have the same symptoms
  • The examiner will question you about your habits such as drinking and smoking

Self- help

People often do not seek treatment for oral psoriasis unless it is severe, but if you feel pain, you must undertake the following steps

  • Use mouthwashes to minimize the acidic reaction
  • Use lukewarm water to soothe the inflammation and pain
  • Use oral applications for mouth ulcers for quick recovery
  • Stop smoking as it can alleviate the condition of your psoriasis and make it worse

Psoriasis treatment

While there are plenty of ways to treat minor psoriasis at home, you must show up at the clinic if it is alarming. A dermatologist or dental physician will recognize your condition and provide you the ideal medication that your ailment demands. Dentaquest Medicaid offers you a wide range of dental programs and is committed to improving your dental and oral condition.

Mouth psoriasis can be painful if left unattended and can also cause embarrassment in some cases. You should consult a professional at the earliest for the best possible results. It is necessary to take the prescribed antibiotics and use the oral application ointment provided by your physician.