A Review on Rolls Royce Wraith Rental Price


Only the filthy rich can afford to buy a Rolls Royce. Most people are exotic car fanatics. However, owning one is quite expensive. Enter exotic car rental services. These firms have a variety of classic cars in their yards.

If you dream of driving a Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari, you can visit a luxury car rental firm. They rent out the cars for a specified amount of cash on an hourly rate or mileage. This guide will review the exotic car hire business. It will also delve into the luxury car brands available and other professional services offered.

Types of Luxury Cars

Back in the day, Mercedes and Limousines were the go-to luxury vehicles. However, these days, Ferraris, Maseratis, and Bentleys are also available for hire. The prices vary depending on the car model.

Recent research shows that hiring a Lamborghini for a day can cost you close to $2,500 USD. On the other hand, you will only need to fork over $450 USD to hire a Mini Cooper. In summary, your budget will determine which type of car you can hire.

Luxury cars are classified into various categories. The first group is the SUVs. SUVs are pretty standard as they are spacious and carry some elegance. Common types of SUVs are the Range Rover Sport and Evoque models. The Bentley Bentyaga, Mercedes-Maybach GLS SUV, and the G Wagon also feature a lot.

The other category includes sports luxury cars. These are always a good option if you’re going for a solo ride or traveling with your girl/boyfriend. You can visit the website for the whole catalog of cars available. The Porsche 911, Porsche Cayman, and Porsche Boxster are some of the available models under the luxury sports cars. You can also find the Mercedes-Benz SL550, BMW M2, BMW M5, and the Chevrolet Corvette.

Luxury Car Hire Business

Running a luxury car hire firm requires a tremendous amount of capital. But, as the name suggests, these firms sell luxury and convenience. As such, the services offered may be quite expensive but are worth every penny.

Most luxury car hire firms offer professional chauffeur services. These services come in handy, especially for diplomats or people who might not know their way around the city. The drivers are well-trained and will ensure that you, the passenger, get a comfortable ride.

People doing weddings also like to hire luxury cars as part of their entourage. This typically comes with other services such as professional chauffeurs. However, the rate of the chauffeur may vary depending on the type of car. For instance, a Range Rover driver may charge you close to $150 USD per hour.

Bottom Line

Before hiring a luxury car, make sure you have the needed budget set aside. Next, do adequate market research and look for the best prices within your area. Also, ensure you read the fine print before renting the vehicle. Some car hire firms have extra fees for extra miles covered or hours after the lease is over.