Anjela Nedyalkova


For the Bulgarian film industry, Anjela Nedyalkova is a gift from the gods. The young actress was born in Sofia, the country’s capital, on March 2nd, 1991.  Information about her parents’ names, relationship status, and other family details, the young actress has been tight lipped about it. She’s 5 feet 5 3/4 inches tall, which is one admirable feature she possesses.

Anjela Nedyalkova Bio

Like everyone else, the talented actress has her own star sign. It turns out that her astronomical horoscope is Pisces, the 12th sign ruled by the planet Neptune. Here’s the most shocking part. The successful actress dropped out of school, where she was studying film directing.

Anjela Nedyalkova (анжела недялкова) started her acting career in 2009, taking part in the film titled “Eastern Plays.” Other movies she featured in are “Ave” in 2011, “Bulgarian Rhapsody” in 2014, The Paradise Suite in 2015, “The Petrov File” in 2015, “T2 Trainspotting” in 2017, and “Ibiza” in 2018.

She came to be in the limelight after she played the part of Veronika Kovach in T2 Trainspotting. In fact, she made the film go viral in her home country.

Now, let’s talk about awards. Anjela won the 2016 special mention for the paradise suite at the Sofia International Film Festival. In 2015 at the Subtitle European Film Festival, she got the Anjela award for best actress for the Paradise Suite.

Anjela is not a person that would miss out on any vibes in the film industry. She’s full of beans and knows just how to play her roles perfectly. The more reasons she got lots of fans on all her social media handles.

The gym is here her top secret when it comes to staying in shape. And even though she got a public figure, Anjela still kept to her cooking skills. She’s a good cook, one you would love to share in her dish. But you need to hold unto this fact, and she’s a non-vegetarian.

Sure, everyone does have their hobbies, and for the actress, it’s photography, reading, learning, and internet surfing. She’s also very much into traveling and seeing new places. It would also interest you to know that Anjela is a fantastic slackliner. This, she enjoys doing whenever she’s got a day off from shooting.

Big news: Anjela Nedyalkova is a beautiful Bulgarian that holds so much fantasy about fashion.  Needless to say, that she was once a model and a part of the showbiz industry.

Once, she had enjoyed a performance titled The Prodigy ruled from the fire starters, a clear indication that this Bulgarian icon is a huge fan of music. This was when she attended the Spirit of Burgas festival in Bugas. And yes, she loves to have a dance.

Based on professional horoscope forecasting, the actress is an individual attracted to Sagittarius. This further tells us about her personality—an easy-going, compassionate, and gentle young lady. Also, a freedom fighter that would do anything to keep off bugging routines.