Beneficial cues to make your hats waterproof


Hats came into existence many years back, but soon the tradition of wearing hats declined. One of the hats that are in trend these days is the leather outback hat. This piece of accessories never fails to make a style statement. This accessory gives an elegant look without putting much effort when it gets paired with matching outfits. There are various types of headdresses that you can choose to get an elegant look.

Leather outback hat especially come out of leather, and they can never fail to give a person a modern appearance. These particular types of headdresses have wide brims. The brims provide shade to the eyes and protect them from the harsh rays of the sun. The crowns of some leather outback hats have mesh for good ventilation. Those people prefer these headdresses who love outdoor recreations, especially fishing or hiking. By opting for these headdresses, people get the desired protection from the rays. These types of headdresses also protect you from torrential downpours. 

They will be waterproof, then you will be at a more significant benefit, but if these hats failed to retain the moisture, you would get thoroughly soaked. But have you ever thought that if waterproof hats are not readily available in the market, how can you make your hat waterproof? This guide will help you understand how you can make your headdresses waterproof to repel moisture and endure it for a long time. 

Ways to waterproof your hat

In this article, you will learn to waterproof your hat so that your hair does not get wet if there is a sudden downpour. Some of the approaches recommended for you are as follows.

How to use waterproofing sprinkle plus seam sealer?

Waterproofing sprinkles and seam sealer are appropriate for leather and nylon. You must purchase the spray and seam sealer beforehand from any online shopping site or any retail shop. Carry this method on a suitable day when it is not too saturated or windy. It is best to use this waterproofing method outside your house or in a room with proper ventilation.

  • First, remove all the dust and dirt particles from the surface of the hat that you need to clean. If the cap is damp in any case, let it dry at first.
  • Then spray the waterproof treatment on the hat by maintaining the distance between the cap and the solution from a few inches. Spray the solution on all the sides of the hat.
  • Keep your headdress in a warm location to allow it to dry.
  • Spray the solution for the second time.
  • Apply the seam sealer on the entire hem and leave it to dry completely.

Waterproofing your hat with the use of detergent and alum

Using household products like detergent and alum for waterproofing your headdresses is the oldest and the most credible method that you can use for any synthetic or natural cloth headdresses. But these methods cannot be opted for hats made of leather and also suede. 

  • Tidy up the surface of the hat at first before waterproofing any headdress.
  • Make a detergent solution by mixing the appropriate amount of detergent and water. You can prepare it in a bucket or a laundry sink more significant enough to submerge the whole hat.
  • Drench the hat in the detergent solution for the proposed period.
  • Let the hat dry by hanging it in a warm locale, preferably in the existence of the sun.

You can use alum as you get it at any grocery store. 

Once the hat gets dried up, mix the appropriate amount of alum in the recommended amount of warm water. Soak the cap entirely for a few hours. Make sure that the hat has wholly soaked in the solution for some time.

  • Let the hat dry again, and it is better if it is sunny.

Waterproofing using wax bar

You may use waterproofing wax bars. The process is not very time-consuming as no drying in the sun or spraying is required. You can use beeswax for waterproofing your canvas hat. This method is also less toxic than spraying waterproof solution, which can cause breathing problems if inhaled.

  • Clean the entire surface of the hat
  • You need to provide warmth to both the hat and the wax with the help of the hairdryer
  • Apply the wax on all the sides of the hat. You can apply by using your clean hands
  • Again, apply the heat for a few minutes
  • Make sure that the wax gets thoroughly applied to the hat
  • Keep the hat in a warm place to let it dry

It is critical to clean the hat at first in all the recommended methods. If it does not get rinsed, the dirt particles will remain on the surface forever after the waterproofing. After waterproofing, the hat also tends to become stiffer, but it comes back to its former shape with frequent use. When you waterproof your hat, the color of the hat also changes, and it becomes moderately darker than the original color. These changes may not seem favorable to some, but waterproofing will surely make your hat last longer.