Can You See Profile Pictures If Blocked On Whatsapp?


How to see whatsapp profile picture when blocked

Whatsapp is the most popular and widely used app in the world. From friends and family to small and large businesses, everyone is hooked on WhatsApp. The app is the easiest way to connect with someone to share pictures, videos, documents and files. Launched first in 2009, whatsapp gained its popularity almost instantly among the younger generation. Not only is the app free, but it is compatible with all devices and operating systems. Among the many benefits of whatsapp, users can make free international calls with utmost security.

Whatsapp has a central feature where users can block other users. This feature helps users to be protected from harassment or unwanted calling or texting.

  1. Profile Picture: If someone on whatsapp has blocked you, the first you will notice is a missing display picture. A grey icon will appear in place of the profile picture. Once a user on whatsapp has blocked you, you cannot send or receive messages. Blocking someone on whatsapp means the user has been harassed beyond repair. The user does not wish to communicate with the other person under any circumstances. The blocking feature on whatsapp is an excellent security feature to avoid unwanted attention.

  1. Blocking: Blocking someone on whatsapp is a cause for concern. There is no limit to how many numbers a user can block on whatsapp. To know that you have really been blocked on whatsapp, you must send a text message. If you do not see two tick signs against your message, this means you have been blocked. Many times users deactivate the blue read sign option, which confuses other users. The one tick sign is a sure answer to know that you have undoubtedly been blocked. To block someone, users can go to the profile of the sender and find the ‘block contact’ option. This will prevent you from sending or receiving any kind of message.

  1. Other Details: Cyberbullying is a very serious offense and a punishable act. Many users face harassment and cyberbullying via whatsapp. Users feel that they can avoid such behavior by blocking the abuser. It is important to report such behaviour and instantly block the user. Once you have blocked someone, they will not be able to see your status, profile picture, or send you any kind of messages. Upon blocking a user, he/she will not be able to figure out if they have been blocked. When a blocked user tries to send you a message, it will automatically fail to deliver. Whatsapp calls or any kind of contact becomes nearly impossible once you have blocked someone.

  1. Notifications: Whatsapp updates its security measures as frequently as possible. Every user who is familiar with whatsapp knows about the blocking option. Users can also unblock contacts if they wish to do so. Upon unlocking another user, he/she will again be able to send you messages, voice messages, call you and see your status and profile picture. The blocking option in whatsapp is not permanent and users can use this option based on their needs. When switching phone numbers, users can keep previously blocked users without unblocking them. Blocked users will receive no notification or even know that they have been blocked.

While whatsapp has become a worldwide phenomenon, it is also important to be secure. Whatsapp is now separately available for businesses to maintain privacy and security. Whatsapp business helps various kinds of organizations and businesses to conduct hassle-free transactions with users. Blocking someone on whatsapp may be a brutal action, but it is required to maintain the users’ privacy and security.