What is Default Profile Picture


Ever noticed whenever you create a new account on any social media platform, there seems to be already a picture set up for you? Now, if we would be honest, this picture looks absolutely nothing like you. Sometimes, it looks like an outlined shape of a female or a male shadow – depending on the gender you set on the account.

Other times, it looks like an animated animal picture. While it doesn’t look like the conventional picture you take with your camera phone (after saying ‘cheese’), it is still a picture. The only difference is that the default picture selected by the computer program used for the social media platform. In other words, the default profile picture is the computer’s choice option for you. Depending on the platform, it could be an icon or the first letter of your name, and surname like the zoom app does.

The good news is, it is only temporary. You can change it when you find a picture you like and would want to represent your features on the platform. So, a good example of a default profile picture is the egg picture that appeared on the profile picture of every new account on twitter a few years back.

Facebook also puts up a default profile picture for new users on the picture slot until the account owner/ user finally gathers the courage to upload a personalized picture. Now that you know what a default profile picture is, you can call it by its real name when next you see it on a social media account. Till then, so long!

Default Profile Picture Samples

Youtube Default Profile Picture

Twitch Default Profile Picture

Canvas Default Profile Picture