German Startup VoltStorage


German startup VoltStorage increases six million euros for clean battery technology that bests Tesla

Supported by SOSV, Matthias Willenbacher & Energie 360, Bayern Capital, and others helped VoltStorage raise close to 6 million euros worth of funding.

The funding is aimed to help the German startup in its quest to find a solution for green energy storage.

Since most of the energy produced by solar in homes isn’t used efficiently, VoltStorage aims to help store up this excess energy. The highly innovative Smart Home Storage was developed to solve the issue of energy wastage in European homes.

VoltStorage was established four years ago in Munich, Germany, and provides storage for homes for renewable solar energy.

The solution was hailed as one of the most innovative developments at the ees Europe energy storage trade fair.

The raised capital is touted to spur the development of more storage solutions for commercial, domestic, and industrial areas.

In the preceding three years alone, VoltStorage has received a sizeable investment from the likes of Energie 360 and SOSV.

Their approach to energy storage is based around the ecological redox flow technology. Their approach is from the basis of a highly sustainable alternative to the Powerwall developed by Tesla.

Everyone wants a battery that can power their home for years and doesn’t explode that quickly. Thanks to the work VoltStorage are doing; this could now become a distinct possibility.